The Queen of Hearts


Queen of Hearts- Inspiration

The final day of April, Final Beauty look of the month! I’m pretty sure at least part of this look was influenced by the cold medicine I took earlier and all the white paint I used painting my dresser. Truly though it is a fun look. Next to Alice , the Queen of Hearts is a major character in Alice in Wonderland and due a look re-creation! Here is an “everyday look” for the Queen of Hearts.

Starting with a light base I used L’Oréal’s Infallible foundation and Sephora gel concealer. For a bit more lightness I highlighted with Wet n Wild cream Highlighter. Setting it all with Make up Forever HD powder. Its not the very white face of the queen but this is more an ‘Everyday” look.

The shadows used were all from the Walmart generic palette. Three shades of blue. Starting with the lightest shade Chic, I brushed it on from lid to just above the crease. Next I applied the shade Amour from crease to just above the brow bone. The third shade is Sunny. The queen loves her blue shadow so this was applied just above the crease all the way to the brow and blended in the outer corner of the eye.

To separate the blue I went the liquid liner Illamasqua from the inner corner to the outer corner with a slight wing into the blue shadow. For the lower line I used L’Oréal extra intense gel liner along the water line. Then taking a bit of Amour and Sunny on a tapered brush I applied the shadows below the liner on the lash line. To give the brows the high definition I shaped and filled them in with Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow extending the line so far down almost level with the outer corner of my eyes. Finishing off with some Maybelline Pumped up mascara.

Using the Benefit hoola-lite I lightly contoured my cheekbones. The queen doesn’t have high def contouring so this worked perfectly. Then along the cheekbone very lightly I applied Benefits dandelion just to give the flushed look.

Because she is the Queen of hearts the lips reflect that. Using Rimmels red dynamite lip pencil I drew a heart from my cupids bow to just below the lips and filled it in. Adding more dimension I applied MAC crème sheen in brave red to fill in the heart. And that is all! Now bow to the queen! LOL!  With that April Beauty month is over. But behold it is now May and there are many more surprise’s in store! Remember to be creative and have fun! I love you!

May I Present Alice

Alice Kingsleigh-Inspiration

Yesterday I explained the GYPSY part of this blogs name and gave my interpretation of gypsy style. Today is all abought Alice. As I’m sure you can see from the picture above GYPSY Alice’s Alice is inspired by Alice Kingsleigh from Alice in Wonderland. I believe in life to keep balance otherwise you spiral. The light, calming shades of Alice’s world are in direct contrast to the vibrant wonderland. That’s what I love. I have rooms in my home that are calming, my bedroom for instance, because I like it to be a relaxing place to escape too. My living room however is meant to have bold colors. Its a lively place where everyone assembles. I don’t want people afraid to stain a fabric or rug. Todays Alice look is a very calming, natural look with very little product. Especially compared to yesterdays Gypsy look. Was it 6 or 7 shadows? I lost count. LOL!

One difference in todays look from all the other looks I did this month, I needed to me a little paler. so to achieve this I used the Nars foundation but instead of shape tape I used the light Sephora gel concealer liberally under my eyes and along my cheekbones as well as the brow bone. For my eye lids I generously applied Urban Decays primer potion. Then using Makeup Forever’s HD micro finishing powder I dusted it all over my face blending it in so it looked natural.  There was no liquid highlighter used in this look! Shocking I know!

The three shadows I use are all from the Lorac propalette. The transition shade is cream, applied from lash line to brow line. The second shade is light bronze. Yes it is a shimmer however it is only applied lightly on the lower lid from corner to corner. The last shadow is taupe. Since Lorac’s colors are highly pigmented this requires only a light dusting along the crease.

To line the eyes I used a combo of the light bronze and taupe and just very lightly brushed it along my lash line. Alice’s face is not highly contoured so I used Benefits hoola lite buffed into the hollows of my cheeks. For blush, Alice’s face has that light healthy peachy tone. Using Benefits rockateur I did a light dusting along my cheekbone and followed with a dusting a trail from one cheekbone over the top bridge of my nose and over the other cheekbone. For my brows I didn’t want drama so I shaped and filled them in with Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz pencil.

The last step is the lips.  Alice keeps a natural, peachy, non-lipstick look. For this I used a combo of Victoria Secret glossy lip tint crayon lining my lips as well as using it to fill them in. In the center I dabbed a bit of the LAQA creamy highlighter in peachers daughter.

And with that we have a brunette Alice. And with that I also give you the explanation to my blog name. GYPSY Alice is both sides of me, The vibrant colorful and the natural calm. It is my even balance. I hope you enjoyed this weeks looks. There’s one more day in Beauty Month of April on Gypsy Alice and its gonna be a big one! Until then enjoy your weekend, have fun and be creative!


Goth-a Check This Out!

Kayleigh Noelle-Youtuber

Todays inspiration came from watching Youtuber Kayleigh Noelle. Goth make up style is seriously misunderstood. It has evolved so much since the 80’s. Its not simply black smudged on the eye and lips on a pale face. It has become an art form. A truly beautiful art form using pigmented reds and blues. Today I did an understated look due to being an amateur with make up. Today I also started using L’oreal Age Perfect Cell Renewal serum and eye renewal after cleansing with Clinique mild liquid facial soap. Hoping to bring back some life to my skin.

L’oreal Age Perfect Cell Renewal serum and eye renewal

Before applying my foundation and concealer I wanted to work on my eyes. It makes correcting eyeliner easier. Using the Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencil in perversion I covered each lid completely. Then using the Lorac propallete shade I applied espresso to the crease line buffing it into the black liner. Then using the black shadow I went over the black liner, making sure to only keep it on the lids.

Using the Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow I shaped and filled in my brows. Then it was time to apply the Nars foundation. While at Walgreens I picked up Maybelline’s ILLUMINATEUR corrector stick. After applying the foundation I applied the corrector bellow my eyes and along the brow bone. To give my brows a little more depth I lightly brushed on the Urban Decay liner. To define my lower eye line I used the espresso shade with the tapered end of the Kat Von D eye contour brush. On my water line I used Smashbox Always On gel liner in fishnet give a slight flick of a wing.

To contour I brought out the City Color contour pallete. I applied the bronzer to my cheek hollow and on my fore head along the temples. Then blending in the contour shade only on my cheeks. In order to add a little more light to the top of my cheeks I applied a little more Maybelline correcteur and blend that in to my foundation. I don’t have black lipstick so I used the Urban Decay 24/7 liner to my lips as liner and fill in. To add dimension I applied some MAC brave red(my new favorite) to only give a tint not completely cover over the black. In the winter I don’t like to use too much setting powder. My skin is already dry enough. But I wanted to add a little lightness as Kayleigh did in her video so I used a touch of Makeup Forever HD powder to complete the look.


Goth make up is so much fun. No matter your eye color this look makes your eye color pop! The black lipstick I’m on the fence about. But I could certainly get use to it with another color on top. Only using black makes it a little flat. Give Goth another look when you want drama. There are so many colors now to add to the black. For a beginners tutorial check out Kayleigh’s video. Ill add it below. I will see you tomorrow with a little less drama!

But first I Goth (corny I know) a show you something: