The Queen of Hearts


Queen of Hearts- Inspiration

The final day of April, Final Beauty look of the month! I’m pretty sure at least part of this look was influenced by the cold medicine I took earlier and all the white paint I used painting my dresser. Truly though it is a fun look. Next to Alice , the Queen of Hearts is a major character in Alice in Wonderland and due a look re-creation! Here is an “everyday look” for the Queen of Hearts.

Starting with a light base I used L’Oréal’s Infallible foundation and Sephora gel concealer. For a bit more lightness I highlighted with Wet n Wild cream Highlighter. Setting it all with Make up Forever HD powder. Its not the very white face of the queen but this is more an ‘Everyday” look.

The shadows used were all from the Walmart generic palette. Three shades of blue. Starting with the lightest shade Chic, I brushed it on from lid to just above the crease. Next I applied the shade Amour from crease to just above the brow bone. The third shade is Sunny. The queen loves her blue shadow so this was applied just above the crease all the way to the brow and blended in the outer corner of the eye.

To separate the blue I went the liquid liner Illamasqua from the inner corner to the outer corner with a slight wing into the blue shadow. For the lower line I used L’Oréal extra intense gel liner along the water line. Then taking a bit of Amour and Sunny on a tapered brush I applied the shadows below the liner on the lash line. To give the brows the high definition I shaped and filled them in with Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow extending the line so far down almost level with the outer corner of my eyes. Finishing off with some Maybelline Pumped up mascara.

Using the Benefit hoola-lite I lightly contoured my cheekbones. The queen doesn’t have high def contouring so this worked perfectly. Then along the cheekbone very lightly I applied Benefits dandelion just to give the flushed look.

Because she is the Queen of hearts the lips reflect that. Using Rimmels red dynamite lip pencil I drew a heart from my cupids bow to just below the lips and filled it in. Adding more dimension I applied MAC crème sheen in brave red to fill in the heart. And that is all! Now bow to the queen! LOL!  With that April Beauty month is over. But behold it is now May and there are many more surprise’s in store! Remember to be creative and have fun! I love you!

May I Present Alice

Alice Kingsleigh-Inspiration

Yesterday I explained the GYPSY part of this blogs name and gave my interpretation of gypsy style. Today is all abought Alice. As I’m sure you can see from the picture above GYPSY Alice’s Alice is inspired by Alice Kingsleigh from Alice in Wonderland. I believe in life to keep balance otherwise you spiral. The light, calming shades of Alice’s world are in direct contrast to the vibrant wonderland. That’s what I love. I have rooms in my home that are calming, my bedroom for instance, because I like it to be a relaxing place to escape too. My living room however is meant to have bold colors. Its a lively place where everyone assembles. I don’t want people afraid to stain a fabric or rug. Todays Alice look is a very calming, natural look with very little product. Especially compared to yesterdays Gypsy look. Was it 6 or 7 shadows? I lost count. LOL!

One difference in todays look from all the other looks I did this month, I needed to me a little paler. so to achieve this I used the Nars foundation but instead of shape tape I used the light Sephora gel concealer liberally under my eyes and along my cheekbones as well as the brow bone. For my eye lids I generously applied Urban Decays primer potion. Then using Makeup Forever’s HD micro finishing powder I dusted it all over my face blending it in so it looked natural.  There was no liquid highlighter used in this look! Shocking I know!

The three shadows I use are all from the Lorac propalette. The transition shade is cream, applied from lash line to brow line. The second shade is light bronze. Yes it is a shimmer however it is only applied lightly on the lower lid from corner to corner. The last shadow is taupe. Since Lorac’s colors are highly pigmented this requires only a light dusting along the crease.

To line the eyes I used a combo of the light bronze and taupe and just very lightly brushed it along my lash line. Alice’s face is not highly contoured so I used Benefits hoola lite buffed into the hollows of my cheeks. For blush, Alice’s face has that light healthy peachy tone. Using Benefits rockateur I did a light dusting along my cheekbone and followed with a dusting a trail from one cheekbone over the top bridge of my nose and over the other cheekbone. For my brows I didn’t want drama so I shaped and filled them in with Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz pencil.

The last step is the lips.  Alice keeps a natural, peachy, non-lipstick look. For this I used a combo of Victoria Secret glossy lip tint crayon lining my lips as well as using it to fill them in. In the center I dabbed a bit of the LAQA creamy highlighter in peachers daughter.

And with that we have a brunette Alice. And with that I also give you the explanation to my blog name. GYPSY Alice is both sides of me, The vibrant colorful and the natural calm. It is my even balance. I hope you enjoyed this weeks looks. There’s one more day in Beauty Month of April on Gypsy Alice and its gonna be a big one! Until then enjoy your weekend, have fun and be creative!




Glitter + Gold = so much fun!! Glitter make up isn’t just for special occasions or clubbing anymore. It comes in so many colors and textures. When I saw the little bottle of NYX face and body glitter at ULTA I knew I had to bring it home! It was my inspiration for todays look. I am the kind of person that sees glitter, my eyes get wide and I try to find any reason to use it. so I set out to scour every store I went to get any bit of gold cosmetics I could find!

For this look I wanted to shimmer before I even started the eyes. So after moisturizing I applied a generous amount of MAC strobe cream. As that absorbed I mixed together the Nars foundation and Cover FX liquid highlighter. It was a 50/50 mixture. When I say I want to shimmer…I WANT TO SHIMMER! It went on so silky and smooth! The coverage was still very full. With this shimmer effect I didn’t add any concealer under my eyes and I have to say I didn’t miss it. I did however apply some Urban Decay eye primer potion. Just look at that shimmer!

To build up some depth on my eyes I applied Lorac propalette shade taupe from the crease to just above the crease making sure to leave the brow bone bare. For further depth I applied a line of dls shadow in bronzed and buffed it into the taupe. The taupe is a matte shade and the bronzed has a bit of shimmer shimmer! For the base gold I used the Catrice million styles lip top coat crayon all over my lid. It is a sheer light gold cream. Lip crayons aren’t just for lips anymore!

Giving this look the drama it deserves I chose to go back to the Illamasqua liquid liner. AAAAAGGGHHHHHHHH! Ok but I have to say this time I think I did pretty good. I applied it from the inner corner to the outer corner and all around including my water line. There’s even a little bit of a wing. Aren’t you proud! I know I am. I wanted a little more depth for under my eye so I applied a thick line of Urban Decays 24/7 glide on liner just along the lash line overlapping the liquid liner I applied on my waterline. For a little more effect I dipped into the Lorac pro palette shade black and softly buffed it in along the lash line.

NOW THE FUN BEGINS!!! I already have some shimmer on my eyes from the gold crayon and the bronzed shadow. But that’s just not enough. Go big or go home, that’s my motto. Taking the applicator from yesterdays Maybelline shadow I sprayed a little NYX setting spray and dipped it into the NYX face and body glitter that is my inspiration. I have never put glitter on my eyes before but I have watched many videos. With the applicator full of gold I dabbed it on my lids and into the inner corner of my eyes. I made sure not to go over the Taupe and bronze shadow. I wanted shimmer but I wanted it to have some depth. NYX glitter rocks! It went on with very good coverage and I wasn’t shy about it! Afterwards I had to touch up the liquid liner a bit but I am happy I put that on before the glitter.

Even though I wanted a very shimmery look I still needed a little contour just to give me a little bit of a cheek bone. Since I wasn’t going for dark and dramatic I used Tarte’s Amazonian clay blush in feisty. First I added it just to the hollows of my cheeks and then blended upwards to my temples keeping along the hairline along my forehead and just a tad along my jawline and sides of my nose to give definition. To highlight I began with Makeup Revolutions liquid highlighter in stardust just to the top of my cheekbones and a bit along my temples. I have to say I was a bit liberal. Next , using my fingers I rubbed in some Makeup Revolution strobe highlighter in gold addict , cause well you know, this look is all about gold! The reason for keeping shadow of my brow bone was because I wanted it to glow. Using the gold addict I applied a heavy coat along the brow bone. I also added a touch of gold addict along the bridge of my nose and cupids bow to bring the shimmer inwards. With the highlighting complete I quickly did my brows using my trusty Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow. My brows had to match the intensity of my eyes so I did over draw them a bit and filled them in completely.

With the addition of Eylure Luxe lashes and a bit of Maybelline pumped up mascara my eyes were finally complete.The intense areas for this look is the eyes and the lips. For me this makes the rest of my face glow and stand out just as much. For my lips I didn’t use a liner. Instead I only applied NYX mat lipstick in dark era. But I didn’t stop there. I went back to the Catrice golden lips. I only applied this to the center of my lips. With the look complete I kept looking at the glitter. There was a little extra on the applicator so I spread a this layer on the top of my cheeks to further add to the two Makeup Revolution highlighters. With that I had to step away from the glitter.

OH HOW I LOVE GLITTER!! Have I told you that? A bit of glitter will get you past the mid-week blues. I have used gel glitter before and with that accuracy in where the glitter lands can be difficult. Using this powder glitter with a little setting spray was so easy. I’m going to have to get more colors! Enjoy glitter, embrace glitter! I always tell you to be creative and have fun. I really mean it! Ill see you tomorrow for the first of two days that describe GypsyAlice!!!

                     GLITTER IS LIFE!!!!



Under the Big Top


ITS MONDAY FUN DAY!!!  I’ve seen many versions of this but to recreate its best to go to the original creator.  Belladelune created this look because of the hurtful names she’s been called. Its her way of showing what a real clown looks like. I love it. I used all cream make up except my eyeshadow/liner/mascara and brows. I started with foundation already on and a little shape tape. Not sure if that’s what I was supposed to do but I wanted an even canvas to start.

First I added the highlighter. For this I used two different cream highlighters. Originally I tried the Maybelline brightening cream but it was too dark for this look. I used the Wet N Wild highlighter under the eyes and down my cheek in a triangle pattern, and along the bridge of my nose with a separate square on the tip of my nose. For my forehead I used Sephora bright future gel serum concealer in buttercream. I also applied this on my chin, jaw line, and above and below the brow bone.

Next is contouring. I may have chosen too dark of a concealer for this but we will make it work. To contour I used Sephora bright future concealer in toffee. This was applied to the hollows of my cheeks, along my hairline on my forehead, along the side of the bridge of my nose with a little line across the tip and lastly a square around the highlighter on my chin. Next to cover and darkness around my eye I applied Wet N Wild yellow cover cream on my lids and as a triangle from my lower lash line down to my cheeks. I sorta feel like I’m doing makeup for the Lion King.

Ok so no more lion, for now, Time for some color. For my lips and surrounding area I applied the Wet N Wild purple Normalizing cream. You know that’s a sexy pucker! Next up is the cheeks. For that I chose Revlon Instablush in berry kiss. In hind site I think I would have chosen a more shimmer blush. This shade is a matte. Beautiful color though. Using a flat detail brush I dabbed the blush on to create a circle on each cheek. Because I wanted a little shimmer I applied a large dot of Makeup Revolution liquid highlighter in starlight to the center of my forehead and little dots along the cream highlighter on my upper cheek. Using the Cover FX liquid highlighter in moon light and the end of a brush I applied dots along the dark contour lines.

Now we pray to the beauty gods, “please don’t let me look like my face was swirled in paint. Amen” In hind sight, again, I would have used my foundation brush along my cheekbone for the blush and contour. But in my excitement I used my beauty blender. This kinda created a mess. The beauty blender works great for around the eyes, nose, forehead and jawline. There was just so much cream on my cheeks so it all sorta blended together creating a darker skin tone. Learning experience. I think its time for a new brush and blender.

BUT WE ARENT DONE YET!!!! To finish off the look we need to do the brows, eyes and lips. First the brows. I wanted a more understated brow so instead of the dipbrow pot I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz. I followed my natural arch and then filled in my brows. For my eyes I applied the Tarte Amazonian clay blush in feisty , because we are feisty today! I applied this on my lids and buffed it into the crease. Next using the L’Oréal infallible shadow in amber rush I dabbed the shimmer shadow on my lids. To give my brow bone and inner eye I a little light shimmer I used Nomad Illuminating highlighter in midnight sun. Just along the water line I applied a thick coat of Lorac propalletes shade sable and dabbed a bit on the outer corner of my eye buffing it into the feisty and amber rush. No falsies today. I applied a few thick coats of Maybelline pumped up mascara on my upper lashes and a light coat on my lower lashes. To complete the look I lined my lips with the MAC cremestick liner in pink treat and filled in my lips with Ofra liquid lipstick. I’m not sure of the shade, its not on the package. It came in my latest IPSY package. It is a matte lipstick so to add a little shimmer I dabbed on a dot of the Makeup Revolution liquid highlighter in the center of my lips and patted it in with my fingers.

This was so much fun, it was difficult to apply because I was laughing! So if you ever have a day that just wont let you smile do this look. It is a definite mood booster!! I hope you enjoyed my attempt at clown contouring. I sure did. Join me tomorrow for even brighter colors! A definite blast from the past! I love you and remember to be fierce and be creative!



Gemma Louise Miles-Inspiration

The final vlogger recreation should have been posted yesterday. Family time interrupted that. I do have to say my day ended with seeing the new Amy Schumer movie “I Feel Pretty”. That is the perfect movie for the GYPSYAlice beauty month. Its all about realizing your own beauty, not what society thinks it should be. That is why I love todays vlogger. Gemma Louise Miles is a vlogger that keeps everything real. She’s honest about insecurities and building up self confidence. Whether you like to keep your look all natural or you like the dramatic look, its all about what you like! So lets get started. This is a very quick and easy look that shimmers to perfection!

I started with my current prep products since my skin has been dry. First the NIP+FAB plumping serum and DR.brandt NO MORE BAGGAGE for around my eyes. Next I used L’Oréal cell renewal. Once all that is absorbed I primed with MAC strobe cream and for eye priming Urban Decay primer potion. For foundation and concealer I used the Nars foundation and Tarte shape tape. Before getting started with Gemma’s tutorial I also completed my brows first using the Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow. Gemma has some high arches so for this look I tried to arch them as much as I could but still keep it natural. Yeah, they look more like hills. LOL!

I wanted to keep the contouring light but noticeable for this look so I used the Tarte Amazonian clay blush from the hollows of my cheeks up the temples along the hairline. I also used it for a little bronzing along my forehead and jawline. Since I had been up for a long time and still had a few hours to go I needed to brighten up under my eyes. So using the Maybelline brightening cream generously under my eyes. To highlight I combined the Cover FX enhancer and the Makeup Revolution liquid highlighter. The Cover FX has a bronzy tint and the Makeup Revolution has a more pearlier color. I applied them both only on my upper cheekbone and blotted it in with my beauty blender. I also applied both along the top of my nose and on my cupids bow blending it in really well to give a soft glow.

To keep the shimmer going I applied the Lorac propalette shade champagne on the inner corner of my eyes to cover the fact I was exhausted and lighten up my eyes. I also applied it over my lids up to the brow bone. The next shade is a color that is probably my favorite shade ever! Its L’Oréal infallible in amber rush. It is an amber-pinky metallic and it is a powder but it goes on so creamy and beautiful. I applied it over my lids and blended it to the outer corner. I love this color!

One step I didn’t see in the video was under eye color. So I applied the Lorac propalette sable on the lower lash line and buffed a little in the outer corner to give depth. I hoped to use false lashes for this look. I went to Sephora and found a pair of HudaBeauty lashes. They are great quality and very sturdy but the set I bought are a bit too full for my eyes. I’m not giving up but for this look I stayed with mascara. I did apply several coats to give a fuller look. The last step was my lips. Gemma does a neutral look so I applied my trusty Rimmel 1000 kisses liner in wild clover. I wanted to use this as my primary color so I filled my lips in completely. Then to give a little shimmer I used Trust Fund Beauty highlighter that Glo tho. I applied it with my finger and tapped it in the center. And with that my shimmer shimmer is done! So light and shimmery I looked awake! Another reason I love watching her videos, aside from her talent and personality, Gemma uses reasonably priced products and when she does a clothing haul more often than not they are reasonably priced outfits as well. She is very relatable.

Final Look:


I hope you enjoyed this week of influential vlogger recreations. Beauty month is almost over but before we go, next week is a fun week. We go to the circus, go back in time, a 24 karat look and 2 looks that explain the GYPSYAlice name! OH ITS GONNA BE A COLORFUL WEEK!!!! Until then be creative and have fun!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!

Every Day Needs Glam

Jamie Genevieve-Inspiration

I could not wait to try a Jamie Genevieve look! She is an amazing make up artist and her vlogs are addictive to watch! New to recreating her looks I chose one of her easier ones to start with and thankfully it didn’t require false lashes. At the time of this post I haven’t made it to get new eyelashes after the KISS lash fiasco in the last two posts. So what are we waiting for…LETS GO!!!…


My skin is still pretty dry today so after cleansing my skin I applied NIP+FAB plumping serum all over then Dr. brandt no more baggage around my eyes. Once those were absorbed I applied L’Oréal cell renewal to my complete face. To prime I chose MAC strobe cream. With all that complete and absorbed it was time to create an even canvas. First step was to apply the Urban Decay primer potion to my lids next came the NARS foundation and finally the Tarte shape tape in the usual spots.

Contour/highlight and blush were three easy steps. First Contour using Benefits Hoola bronzer. This shade has really worked best for contouring this week. I slacked on the self tanning sessions. SHAME ON ME! I did blend it in really well from my cheek hollows up to the cheek bones. Next on the top of my cheeks I brushed on the Makeup Revolution strobe highlighter. I also applied it along my forehead, above my brows and along the top of my nose. Using the Benefit gold rush blush I blended it in with the contour and highlighter along the apples of my cheeks and blending upwards towards my temples.

On my eyes I started with Tarte Amazonian clay blush in feisty to apply in the crease and brush outward. For my lids I used the Lorac propalette champagne and blended upwards to the Tarte blush shade. The clay blush is a matte tone giving depth to the shimmery champagne and allowing it to pop!

To add more depth I turned to the generic Walmart palette for the floral rain. I lightly dabbed a bit of floral rain on the outer corner of my lid. It is very pigmented so a light touch was needed. With that buffed in I went back to the Lorac propalette for the shade garnet. Again this color is very pigmented but so beautiful. I applied the garnet beginning on the outer corner to blend with the floral rain and brushed it along the crease and only slightly touching the lids.

To add more glitz to my eyes I used my finger and tapped on some Makeup Revolution strobe highlighter on the middle to the inner corner of my lid and a little tap on the corner to give that glowy punch! The final step for shadow was using the Lorac propalette shade sable from the outer corner buffed into the floral rain and garnet. Then used along the water line rather heavy to give a deep smoky look.

No falsies today! Only mascara. To make sure you get that full look without fake lashes be sure to curl your lashes first. Then I applied a few coats of the Maybelline pumped up mascara to the upper lashes and lightly brushed my lower lashes, making sure there are no clumps. Since today is an everyday look I didn’t want very bold brows. Using the Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow and an angled brush I followed the natural lines on my brows and lightly filled them in. Easy-Peasy!

For my lips I lightly lined with my absolute favorite liner , Rimmel 1000 kisses in wild clover. Then I applied the NYX lingerie matte liquid lipstick completely over my lips and with my fingers I blended it in to the liner. And with that the look is complete!

Jamie Genevieve is very inspiring. Her spirit and her talent are what influenced me to start my blogs. If I’m feeling at a loss of motivation I watch a video or 2 of Jamie and they often include her fiancée Jack and their beautiful pup Drogba. Their enthusiasm is infectious and motivational. I hope you enjoyed this look as much as I enjoyed recreating it. Please check out her YouTube channel, you will not be disappointed! Until tomorrow wonderful people remember to have fun and be creative!

Inspiration Video:


Natural and Sultry

Huda Kattan-Inspiration

I love todays look because although Huda Kattan says its a natural look, to me its a sultry look. At the end of this blog I have also included Huda’s eyebrow tutorial. It was very helpful and very simple. Today I worked on two of my difficult areas, my brows and liquid liner. Both areas made a great improvement in trying to recreate her signature look. Lets get started!

I completed my brows first following the techniques in Huda’s tutorial. Since I don’t have her eyeshadow palette I got creative. Blending the Lorac shade taupe and Tarte Amazonian clay blush in feisty on my lids and into the lower brow bone gives a start to the smoky look. Using the Walmart generic palette shade electric and dls highlighter in prosecco I dabbed a bit of each on the center of my lid to add some light. Looking back now I think I would use a shimmery gold, not glitter but shimmer, shadow instead of the electric and prosecco. In the video Huda uses a liquid black liner. Not feeling comfortable yet with liquid yet I chose to use L’Oréal’s extra-intense liquid pencil. This gave me more control to practice applying the thicker lines. Although liquid liner gives the neater wings so that I will work on.

I didn’t get a chance to go to the store for a new set of lashes so I reused yesterdays lashes from KISS. Not happy with them. Today it was so difficult to get them to stay on. It required too much glue. So tomorrow will require a quick trip to the store for a pair of Eylure lashes. Once I got the lashes to stay it was time for foundation and concealer. For that I just used the Nars foundation and Tarte shape tape. I moisturized before I began applying any make up today but I think I’m due for a rejuvenating facial because my skin is so dry today.

Once I managed the foundation and concealer  it was time to contour/highlight/blush. Huda uses Cover FX enhancer in sunset to contour. The shade I have is too light so I used Benefits hoola bronzer to contour just below my cheekbone and up to my temples. I also used hoola to bronze my forehead and cheekbone. To highlight I used 3 products. First I used Makeup revolutions gold strobe highlighter along my cheeks and then blended in the dls prosecco highlighter. That’s a lot of shimmer so to tone it down a bit I lightly blended in Benefits hoola-lite. Since my skin is very dry today I didn’t want too much shimmer to reveal the texture of my skin. For blush I used Benefits dandelion blusher on the apples of my cheeks and blended upwards.

The last step is my lips. That is a 3 step process. First I lined my lips with Rimmel’s 1000 kisses liner in wild clover (if you hadn’t noticed its my favorite). I fully lined my lips and filled them in with liner then went in with NYX lingerie matte gloss in satin ribbon. The last step was using Victoria Secrets glossy lip tint in boudoir applied only to the center of my lips.

I love this look. I think the liner and my brows turned out so much better. It took a lot of patience. I’m so use to rushing through and not liking the results to taking my time and liking the improvements. Next time I might use actual liquid liner! Well next time is tomorrow. Tomorrows vlogger is my all time favorite. Her attitude and talent are what inspired me to start blogging. Until tomorrow I will enjoy todays look. My hope is to inspire those that have hesitations in pushing through their creative fears. Always be you but always try to be bolder!

Final look:

Brow Tutorial:

Inspiration video: