GYPSY Loving!


I have been asked many times how I came to name my blog GYPSYAlice and not after my actual name. OK, so… as much as I love my name, I felt it was too boring. I gave it a lot of thought and decided to combine two topics that have always defined my style. The first part is GYPSY. I love the gypsy style whether your talking gypsy/boho or gypsy/fortune teller. The color, richness and depth of the gypsy style feeds my creativity. So I bring to you today my interpretation of gypsy richness.

After moisturizing liberally I applied the MAC strobe cream because I want some shimmer but I don’t want to over do it for this look. This is why I didn’t mix in any liquid highlighter with my foundation today. I applied a lighter amount of Nars foundation but it still gave a perfect full coverage. Since I wasn’t going for an overly shimmer look I used the Tarte shape tape for my under eyes. Then applied the Urban Decay primer potion on my lids and brow bone. This gave me an even canvas to start coloring.

All my eyeshadows today came from the Lorac propalette except the glitter. YES I SAID GLITTER!!!!!! The transition shade I used is the shade cream. Its a matte shade and I applied it from lash line to brow line. For the crease I buffed in the shade taupe, also a matte shade. I started to blend it up to the brow bone but not over it. The third shade I was excited to use. It starts the layering of not just shimmer but also rich shades. On my lid I applied the light bronze and blended it upwards to the crease. The fourth shade was gold. This shade also went over my lid and up to the crease but just below the light bronze. I also started buffing it out beyond my outer corner slightly with the gold.

Moving right along to shade number five, garnet. Another shimmery shade, was applied from my lash line up just below the gold and then buffed just beyond the outer corner. This is such a rich shimmery red and very pigmented so a little goes a long way. Another highly pigment color is shade number 6! I could not wait to try this color. Deep purple, a very deep shimmery purple! Applied on the lid and buffed just beyond the outer corner. Such a gorgeous color!!

I’m so proud of myself with the next step. I used liquid liner again and I got it almost completely straight!!! Starting on the inner corner of my eyes using the Illamasqua liquid liner, I went along the upper lash line to a slight wisp of a wing and back along my water line to the inner corner of my eyes. I was so confident I went full circle. With that conquered it was time for the brows. Using the Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow I carefully lined my brows, over drawing them a bit to give that bold look. I also extended the tail out just a slightly too. for a bit of  a smoky look I took my tapered brush and applied the garnet then the deep purple just below the liquid liner on the lash line.

Before finishing up my eyes I wanted to lighten up under my eyes a bit more and clean it up a bit. For that I used the Sephora gel concealer. Using a darker gel concealer from Sephora I contoured the hollows of my cheeks. Blending them in I then used my fingers and blended in the Makeup Revolution strobe highlighter just along the top of my cheek bone, down the bridge of my nose. Along the brow line I applied a little NOMAD highlighter. My sister gave me her MANNA Kadar shadow stick in s’more that she received in her ipsy package. Its a metallic dark gold/bronzy shade. To add a little more definition to my eyes I drew a line along the crease and buffed it in. Its a wonderful creamy shadow stick and it blended in very well.

Today I actually used the Tarte Amazonian clay blush as a blush not a contour shade! It is such a versatile color. Blending upwards I applied it along the cheekbone. OK I used it to contour a little. I blended a little along the side of my nose and on the jawline. Re-using the luxe Eylure lashes from yesterday I used the DUO glue. Yesterday I used the glue it came with and as much as I love Eylure lashes, I don’t love their glue. Then it was time for glitter!! Well what I thought was a glitter shadow. I bought the Wet n Wild nudecomer, It looked like a dry glitter shade before I used it. As soon as I dipped my brush in it turned out to be a creamy shadow. Still it was extra shimmery so I continued. Only dabbing it on the center of my lids by the lash line into the inner corner of my eyes. I did have to touch up the eyeliner a little but over all the creamy shadow was easy to manipulate.

Now I ask you, what kind of lip shade would you use for this look?  A dark rich shade that’s what. Using the NYX matte lipstick in dark era I applied it to my lips keeping it very neat. Then , well, I’m telling you glitter is addictive! Hi, My name is Melinda and I have a glitter addiction. I went back to the NYX gold face and body glitter. I dabbed on a bit just to the center of my upper and lower lip to give the deep, rich, luxurious red a pop! Then , well, I went a bit further and added some along my cheekbone and up towards my temples and slightly up on my forehead. I’m telling you I cant stop! But I think its tasteful and suits the look.

Honestly I think this look could be an everyday sort of look with out the glitter but why go without! LOL! I hope you enjoyed this look as much as I loved creating it. This is why the first part of the blog name is GYPSY. The colors and glitter are so luxurious. Tomorrow is Friday and I will share with you the meaning behind the second part to my blogs name. As always be creative and have fun!!!



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