Under the Big Top


ITS MONDAY FUN DAY!!!  I’ve seen many versions of this but to recreate its best to go to the original creator.  Belladelune created this look because of the hurtful names she’s been called. Its her way of showing what a real clown looks like. I love it. I used all cream make up except my eyeshadow/liner/mascara and brows. I started with foundation already on and a little shape tape. Not sure if that’s what I was supposed to do but I wanted an even canvas to start.

First I added the highlighter. For this I used two different cream highlighters. Originally I tried the Maybelline brightening cream but it was too dark for this look. I used the Wet N Wild highlighter under the eyes and down my cheek in a triangle pattern, and along the bridge of my nose with a separate square on the tip of my nose. For my forehead I used Sephora bright future gel serum concealer in buttercream. I also applied this on my chin, jaw line, and above and below the brow bone.

Next is contouring. I may have chosen too dark of a concealer for this but we will make it work. To contour I used Sephora bright future concealer in toffee. This was applied to the hollows of my cheeks, along my hairline on my forehead, along the side of the bridge of my nose with a little line across the tip and lastly a square around the highlighter on my chin. Next to cover and darkness around my eye I applied Wet N Wild yellow cover cream on my lids and as a triangle from my lower lash line down to my cheeks. I sorta feel like I’m doing makeup for the Lion King.

Ok so no more lion, for now, Time for some color. For my lips and surrounding area I applied the Wet N Wild purple Normalizing cream. You know that’s a sexy pucker! Next up is the cheeks. For that I chose Revlon Instablush in berry kiss. In hind site I think I would have chosen a more shimmer blush. This shade is a matte. Beautiful color though. Using a flat detail brush I dabbed the blush on to create a circle on each cheek. Because I wanted a little shimmer I applied a large dot of Makeup Revolution liquid highlighter in starlight to the center of my forehead and little dots along the cream highlighter on my upper cheek. Using the Cover FX liquid highlighter in moon light and the end of a brush I applied dots along the dark contour lines.

Now we pray to the beauty gods, “please don’t let me look like my face was swirled in paint. Amen” In hind sight, again, I would have used my foundation brush along my cheekbone for the blush and contour. But in my excitement I used my beauty blender. This kinda created a mess. The beauty blender works great for around the eyes, nose, forehead and jawline. There was just so much cream on my cheeks so it all sorta blended together creating a darker skin tone. Learning experience. I think its time for a new brush and blender.

BUT WE ARENT DONE YET!!!! To finish off the look we need to do the brows, eyes and lips. First the brows. I wanted a more understated brow so instead of the dipbrow pot I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz. I followed my natural arch and then filled in my brows. For my eyes I applied the Tarte Amazonian clay blush in feisty , because we are feisty today! I applied this on my lids and buffed it into the crease. Next using the L’Oréal infallible shadow in amber rush I dabbed the shimmer shadow on my lids. To give my brow bone and inner eye I a little light shimmer I used Nomad Illuminating highlighter in midnight sun. Just along the water line I applied a thick coat of Lorac propalletes shade sable and dabbed a bit on the outer corner of my eye buffing it into the feisty and amber rush. No falsies today. I applied a few thick coats of Maybelline pumped up mascara on my upper lashes and a light coat on my lower lashes. To complete the look I lined my lips with the MAC cremestick liner in pink treat and filled in my lips with Ofra liquid lipstick. I’m not sure of the shade, its not on the package. It came in my latest IPSY package. It is a matte lipstick so to add a little shimmer I dabbed on a dot of the Makeup Revolution liquid highlighter in the center of my lips and patted it in with my fingers.

This was so much fun, it was difficult to apply because I was laughing! So if you ever have a day that just wont let you smile do this look. It is a definite mood booster!! I hope you enjoyed my attempt at clown contouring. I sure did. Join me tomorrow for even brighter colors! A definite blast from the past! I love you and remember to be fierce and be creative!


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