Natural and Sultry

Huda Kattan-Inspiration

I love todays look because although Huda Kattan says its a natural look, to me its a sultry look. At the end of this blog I have also included Huda’s eyebrow tutorial. It was very helpful and very simple. Today I worked on two of my difficult areas, my brows and liquid liner. Both areas made a great improvement in trying to recreate her signature look. Lets get started!

I completed my brows first following the techniques in Huda’s tutorial. Since I don’t have her eyeshadow palette I got creative. Blending the Lorac shade taupe and Tarte Amazonian clay blush in feisty on my lids and into the lower brow bone gives a start to the smoky look. Using the Walmart generic palette shade electric and dls highlighter in prosecco I dabbed a bit of each on the center of my lid to add some light. Looking back now I think I would use a shimmery gold, not glitter but shimmer, shadow instead of the electric and prosecco. In the video Huda uses a liquid black liner. Not feeling comfortable yet with liquid yet I chose to use L’Oréal’s extra-intense liquid pencil. This gave me more control to practice applying the thicker lines. Although liquid liner gives the neater wings so that I will work on.

I didn’t get a chance to go to the store for a new set of lashes so I reused yesterdays lashes from KISS. Not happy with them. Today it was so difficult to get them to stay on. It required too much glue. So tomorrow will require a quick trip to the store for a pair of Eylure lashes. Once I got the lashes to stay it was time for foundation and concealer. For that I just used the Nars foundation and Tarte shape tape. I moisturized before I began applying any make up today but I think I’m due for a rejuvenating facial because my skin is so dry today.

Once I managed the foundation and concealer  it was time to contour/highlight/blush. Huda uses Cover FX enhancer in sunset to contour. The shade I have is too light so I used Benefits hoola bronzer to contour just below my cheekbone and up to my temples. I also used hoola to bronze my forehead and cheekbone. To highlight I used 3 products. First I used Makeup revolutions gold strobe highlighter along my cheeks and then blended in the dls prosecco highlighter. That’s a lot of shimmer so to tone it down a bit I lightly blended in Benefits hoola-lite. Since my skin is very dry today I didn’t want too much shimmer to reveal the texture of my skin. For blush I used Benefits dandelion blusher on the apples of my cheeks and blended upwards.

The last step is my lips. That is a 3 step process. First I lined my lips with Rimmel’s 1000 kisses liner in wild clover (if you hadn’t noticed its my favorite). I fully lined my lips and filled them in with liner then went in with NYX lingerie matte gloss in satin ribbon. The last step was using Victoria Secrets glossy lip tint in boudoir applied only to the center of my lips.

I love this look. I think the liner and my brows turned out so much better. It took a lot of patience. I’m so use to rushing through and not liking the results to taking my time and liking the improvements. Next time I might use actual liquid liner! Well next time is tomorrow. Tomorrows vlogger is my all time favorite. Her attitude and talent are what inspired me to start blogging. Until tomorrow I will enjoy todays look. My hope is to inspire those that have hesitations in pushing through their creative fears. Always be you but always try to be bolder!

Final look:

Brow Tutorial:

Inspiration video:

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