Glowing Inspiration

Kaelin Fox-Inspiration

YouTube is chock full of make-up tutorials and cosmetic reviews. Some only use luxury brands. Not all of us can afford those all the time. On occasion or when there is a sale I will purchase the luxury brands but most of the time its drugstore brands. So its nice to find someone who uses both. Todays tutorial inspiration comes from Kaelin Fox. In this tutorial I chose, Kaelin gives a minimal makeup look that gives a soft glow and feels so lightweight on my skin I barely know its on. After watching a couple of her videos I purchased the Nars foundation and Tarte shape tape. Two products I have been very happy with. So Lets dive into todays look.

The first step was to apply the Cover FX Custom enhancer. I applied this with a foundation brush to the center of my forehead and cheeks. This product glides on so smoothly and a little bit really does go a long way. Then using the same brush I applied the Nars foundation and Tarte shape tape. The Cover FX enhancer really helped the foundation go on so easy.

I don’t always use powder on my face, it always seems to make my face feel dry. With the Cover FX on though my face felt nice and dewy. I used Make Up Revolution luxury baking powder in banana around my under eye, along the side of my nose, my chin and cheekbone, as well as a little dab to set the Urban Decay primer potion I applied to my eyes. As Kaelin said in her video, this look requires bronzing not contouring. This I can do. So I applied Benefits Hoola bronzer along my cheekbones and blended it upwards along my temples and along my forehead. I also applied a little along the side of my nose and under my jawline. This I’m still learning the right amount to apply. Once bronzed its time to highlight. I’m loving the Make Up Revolution strobe highlighter. I wet my brush as she did in her video and brushed the highlighter above the bronzer on my cheekbones, over my eyebrows, and along the top of my nose. I also dabbed a bit on my cupids bow.

For my lips I did change it up from Kaelin’s video. Instead of a light nude I chose to use the Kat Von D Lolita liner. I did try to over draw my lips a bit. Once I filled in my lips with the liner I used the Kat Von D Lolita lipstick. Since this is a matte lipstick and for this look we are going for a glossy look I applied a little Too Faced lip injection extreme to gloss it up a bit. For blush Kaelin uses a MAC blush that has a bit of shimmer. I don’t have that so I used a combination of Benefits dandelion and dls baked highlighter in prosecco. First I applied it to the apples of my cheeks then blended upwards. Then as normal I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow to shape and fill in my brows.

Finally but certainly not least, The easiest eyes I’ve done this month. A little Benefit Hoola bronzer over my lids and along the water line. Then using the Lorac Propallete shade gold I dabbed a bit right in the center to give my lids a little shimmer. With the shade champagne on the inner corners and brow bone it added highlight to my eyes. Then for mascara I used Maybelline pumped up on my upper and lower lash.

And with a little spritz of the NYX dewy finish spray the look is complete!

A beautiful soft glow for a spring and summer look. This look was the whole reason I purchased the Cover FX enhancer. I was not disappointed. Definitely check out more of Kaelin’s videos for make up and fashion looks!

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