Rock Me 70’s Style

I’ve told you before how I love to play with make up right…Well today is the epitome of playing. The 1970’s punk era make up was colorful and dramatic and that’s what I was looking for today. With it being Monday, and it truly was one of “those” Mondays, I felt I needed a dramatic look.


Siouxsie Sioux

After sorting through so many pictures of dramatic make up for the 70’s punk one thing stood out, thick black eyeliner. Oye. Well I do need practice. I began with my brows. Thick brows were the look of the 70’s. Using the Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow I carved my natural brow first. The extension comes once I applied my foundation. For the eyes I began with the blue shadow. For this I used the inexpensive Walmart pallete. This pallete is very pigmented when first applied but I did need to continually reapply as I completed the look. I used the trusty Kat Von D eye contour brush to sweep the inside corner of my eye lid moving out and upward to my brow bone with the shade chic. Most of my lid I left without shadow because that is where the black liner would gone. The second shade used was Sunny. That I blended into the first shade of blue. With only the blue shadow I wasn’t seeing the whole picture. Next…the liner!

After using a variety of liners last week I chose to use the L’oreal extra-intense liquid pencil eyeliner. I found this to go on smoothly, almost live velvet, and as a pencil it gave me more control than the usual liquid brush. The one benefit to a 70’s punk look, so much goes on that it gave me more room to get it straight. The important thing to remember is to keep the pencil sharp to be able to apply the liner on the inner corner. Since I haven’t applied my foundation yet I didn’t wing out the liner yet like I did with my brows. On the eyelid I pretty much colored it in with the liner then began again at the inner corner and applied it along the water line. On one eye I applied it rather thick. The other, its still thick but applied with a lighter hand to show 2 options depending on your eye shape. To add a little shimmer and give some dimension I used the BECCA highlighter in opal where my natural arch would be.

With my eyes complete it was safe to add my foundation. For that I used the Nars foundation and Tarte shape tape. I’m loving both. Not only do they make my face feel like velvet but also a little goes a long way. This helps justify their cost. With the foundation applied I used the L’oreal liner  to extend the wing look not only on my eyes but I also used it to outline and lightly fill in my brows. Just as in the Siouxsie picture I used the liner to connect my brows and eyeliner wing. After that I touched up the blue shadow. The color needs to be vibrant. I also dabbed a little highlighter on the inner corner of my eyes.

For contouring I used the City Color contour powder in the hollows of my cheeks. For blush I applied generously the Manna Kadar blush in Paradise I received in a previous Ipsy package. I then buffed them both in using my foundation brush in upward motion making sure to keep it dramatic.

In the punk seen there is no room for nude lips. This look called for RED! Using both the Rimmel Lasting Finish in red dynamite and Maybelline Colorsensation in brick red I lined and filled in my lips going over my normal lip line slightly. Then finished with MAC lipstick in shade brave red.

Today I also touched up my hair color. I received my second delivery from Esalon a couple weeks ago but the color covers so well I didn’t need to touch up until after about 6 weeks. One benefit to Esalon is you can change the length between deliveries. I decided to extend my order so the third delivery will be in June. Another benefit is adjusting the color. In my third delivery the color will be adjusted to add some special color to my normal chocolate brown.

With my make up complete and my hair void of gray the look is complete! Thankfully the color kit comes with a stain remover wipe. I’m not sure how I did it but I got it under my chin. I like to call it talent! I hope you enjoyed todays look. Tomorrows look wont be complete without a detailed hair style. GIVE ME STRENGTH!! HEHEHE! See you tomorrow!

Personally I prefer the thicker lower liner.



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