Sophia Loren

” Everything you see I owe to spaghetti”

                                       -Sophia Loren

All week I chose one celebrity to try to recreate their signature looks. Kat Von D, Dita Von Teese, Marilyn Monroe and Victoria Beckham are all iconic beauty symbols but they also have other commonalities. They are strong and intelligent women. This brings us to todays celebrity look. Sophia Loren, at 83 I hope to be as beautiful and active as Sophia Loren. A Hollywood sex symbol, intelligent and strong willed Sophia is my Italian Idol. The look I am trying to recreate today involves thick liquid liner. and strong contoured cheekbones, two areas I struggle with but its a look I always wanted to try. With that said lets jump in.

I started the day with some moisturizing. First up was a sheet mask from Victoria’s Secret PINK. Last time I went they were on sale 5/$10. Next up I applied a very small dab of Nip + Fab plumping serum. I also have the mask. If I’m staying home and not putting any make-up on I will apply the mask and leave it on all day. When I first tried the products I was hoping for a more a more supple look. I was a little disappointed but I’m not a quitter. With continued use it has improved the texture of my skin but not enough to buy it again. Once the serum absorbed I spritzed Mario Badescu facial spray. I bought a small bottle at Nordstrom Rack for $5. I couldn’t resist at that price. I love it! Its great for that extra refresh on a long day. I have never used it over make-up, not sure if you should. The final step was just before I was ready to begin the look. A generous amount of Estee Lauder day cream gives that final boost I need during the dry winters. With my skin moisturized I applied the Nars foundation and Tarte tape concealer as I have this week. Then using a small drop of Make up forever liquid highlighter on each cheekbone and blended it in just to give my cheekbones a little brightness.

Using the Anastasia Dipbrow I shaped my brows and filled them in. I also used the Anastasia brush to try and get my hairs to go up. My brows have their own ideas on that matter. Once my eyebrows and I came to an understanding it was time for shadow. The first 2 shadows actually came from an inexpensive generic pallet from Walmart. The kind they sell at Christmas time for inexpensive gifts. Combining the two shades Celestial (shimmery light yellow) and Flush (matte light yellow) I applied them from lash line to brow line. For added Brow definition I dabbed a small amount of white shadow from the Lorac ProPallete at the arch of my brows. Using the same Lorac pallete I blended sable into the crease line to begin the eye drama. From lash line to the sable in the crease I patted on the shade slate and blended it in with the sable. Slate was also used to begin the wing guide for the liquid liner.

Now comes the fun part…..sort of. Liquid liner. Sophia has aways been known for her thick liquid liner. For this I went back to the Illamasqua black liquid liner. When I used it for the Dita look on Tuesday I knew it would require patience. For the Sophia look I thought it would be a little easier since the look was a thicker line. Nope. Oh my do I need practice. I tip my hat to the women that use this product and technique every day. I trudged on though. With the lid complete I followed the line I created with the slate shadow for the wing. on the lower lash I used the Loreal black gel liner just below the water line and added a small wing below the liquid liner. Along the water line I used the Urban Decay white liner and continued the line between the two black liners just like the Marilyn Monroe look. To complete the look I added Sephora brand “Foxy”False lashes. After curling lashes on both eyes I applied the same Maybelline Pumped Up mascara.

For recreate the beautiful cheekbones Sophia has I used the darkest shade in the city color contour pallete. This was applied from the hairline to the center of the hollow in my cheeks then blended upwards. Using the highlighter shade I brushed a small dusting just above the contour. Benefit Galifornia blush was used only in the same area of the cheek hollow to hairline to complete the contour. To complete the look my lips were lined with Rimmel wild clover lip liner and filled in with MAC lustre in Patisserie lipstick to give the pout of Sophia Loren.

The final look……..

20180406_145057.jpg                                It has been a fun week recreating these beautiful women. I hope I did them justice for an amateur. Thank you for joining me and I hope you will join me next week for more creative looks! Remember April is Beauty Month here!

YouTube video used as a guide for todays look:



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