Victoria Beckham

Yesterday I gave you a clue to for todays celebrity look. Did you get it? The answer…Victoria Beckham. My inspiration came from a video on YouTube by Charlotte Tilbury. In this video from 2014 Charlotte recreates the look she created on Victoria Beckham for her Allure magazine cover. Thankfully in the cover photo Victoria is sporting a softer look. This meant I only had to contour a bit.


Along with the Estee Lauder day cream I added Nip + Fab plumping serum. On the days I feel a more tired use the dragon’s blood serum to give me a little extra boost. Of course Charlotte Tilbury uses her own products. I have yet to try them. Due to budget restraints I modified the tutorial a bit. To add the under my foundation I used Make Up Revolutions liquid highlighter in Starlight and I found the MAC Strobe cream while waiting in line at ULTA. I telling you , I’m a BIG impulse buyer. I blended the two highlighters along my forehead and along my cheekbone. With that complete I then used the same Nars foundation and Tarte Tape concealer I’ve been using all week.



The first step was the brows. Today I used The Anastasia Dipbrow with a Kat Von D angle brush. With the Dipbrow always remember , a little goes a long way. So one little pot will last a while. I prefer this over pencils. It gives a richer color. For the eyes I skipped the Lorac Pallete and used a eye shadow/liner crayon from Jelly Pong Pong from a previous Ipsy package. I’m not sure of the color, its not printed on it but its a brownish dark copper. I colored a bit on my lids and smudged, using the Kat Von D eye contour brush, from lash line to crease line and slightly beyond the lid. I also used it as a liner on the lower lash line. For more depth Loreal Extra Intense liquid liner pencil was used only on the upper lash line. For the lower lash line Charlotte Tilbury uses a brown liner. As I said in the Marilyn blog I don’t have a brown liner, although now I’m tempted to invest in one. Yesterday I used Lorac shadow in espresso. Today I decided to use the NYX brown shadow in Bedroom Eyes along the water line. I also dabbed a fingertip size pat of the shadow to the center of my lids. Along the lower lashes below the water line I also smudged a little more of the Jelly Pong Pong liner for a smoky look. In this look Victoria does not wear false lashes so curling your lashes first is important. I then used the same Maybelline mascara I have used Tuesday and Wednesday.



In most photos I see of Victoria Beckham her cheekbones are very defines. I was happy for this cover look Charlotte Tilbury gave a softer look. For this look I used Benefits Hoola matte powder bronzer applied only to the hollow of my cheeks. For blush I used another product from a previous Ipsy package. Its also a brand new to me, LaQa & Co. Its actually a highlighter but it makes a better cream blusher. The color is Peachers Daughter and was lightly applied to the apples of my cheeks. Always start lightly. You can always add more.



Peachers Daughter also made for a nice base for my lips. As a liner I used Rimmel’s 1000 kisses liner in wild clover. Its a beautiful nude with slight pink tones. It is a close shade to natural lips. For the final product MAC Lustre lipstick in Patisserie was applied to give a light nude look. Both the Rimmel liner and Mac lipstick are a couple of my favorite colors and go on so easily without drying my lips.



And with the added shimmer yet overall minimal products The Victoria Beckham look is complete. Charlotte Tilbury is a very talented make up artist and I hope to try her products soon. Victoria Beckham is not only beauty but also brains. Her creative talents and initiative is a great inspiration. Time for me to go. Tomorrow’s look is waiting and she is a strong willed woman!

The final look……



Inspired by this YouTube video


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