Marilyn Monroe!

I’m not a blonde bombshell but I am a beautiful brunette, but I digress….Today I attempted the iconic Marilyn Monroe. After watching several videos on how to recreate her famous look created by her make up artist Allan “Whitey” Snyder I learned a few things about Marilyn. The first was she would sometimes use Vaseline to moisturize her face. Can you imagine? You would have to be very accurate in the amount used so as not to look greasy. Second, that iconic eyeliner look, isn’t liquid liner. Whitey used a brown pencil although in all the photos it looks black and liquid texture. Third, lip technique. Did you know she typically had 4-5 layers of lip product on at one time, sometimes 4 different shades and sometimes only 2 shades repeated. With those lessons learned lets get started.

Before applying foundation I moisturized really well. Lately I have been using Estee Lauder DayWear. I also applied Benefit’s Porefessional primer. As I did Monday and Tuesday I began with Nars foundation but this time for concealer I tried Tarte’s shape tape. When I opened the bottle it was a bit weird how big the blotter was but it went on so smooth and creamy. That’s what I look for in concealer. I don’t care for the ones that dry really fast.

Also as I did Monday and Tuesday I used the Lorac ProPallete. The first shade was white blended from brow line to lash line. The second was shade sable. Using the Kat Von D eye contour brush I blended the sable in the crease line only.

For liner I stated how “Whitey” used a pencil rather than a liquid liner. I don’t have a brown pencil so using the tapered end of the Kat Von D eye contour brush dampened I used the shade espresso in place of pencil liner. Marilyn’s make up artist did a light wisp below the normal wing line to give a “shadowy” effect of lashes on the lower lash line. On the water line I used Urban Decay white liner and extended it in-between the wing and “shadow” wing.  To recreate her lashes , after applying some Maybelline Pumped Up mascara I reapplied the Sephora Celebrity lashes I used for the Dita look. Today I finally remembered the lash curler!

Marilyn had impressively arched brows. For this I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz. My brows are not arched as high, I did however shape them and filled them in to give them somewhat of a strong look. Do you ever have those days where one looks better than the other?

For contouring I used the City Color Contour Palette. First I applied the bronzer lightly along the cheek bone and a little along my forehead and blended it in. Next I applied the contour shade lightly along the cheek bone blending it up with the bronzer. Using the highlighter in the pallete I lightly touched the cupids bow and slightly above the contour. For blush I used the Benefit Dandelion. It gives a soft pink flushed look.

Marilyn’s eyes were not only her trademark. Her red lips were unbelievable. Again as I stated early on her make up artist would often use 4-5 layers of lip product. I began with Rimmel Lasting Finish liner in red dynamite. Then I used MAC lipstick in brave red. After blotting my lips I applied Maybelline’s Colorsensational liner in brick red and again applied MAC brave red. Just as with Dita’s beauty mark I used a dot of liquid black liner. Although after I applied it I realized it was on the wrong side. Lesson learned. With that the Marilyn look is complete. I hope I did Marilyn and “Whitey” Snyder justice.

I have to say these 2 days of red lips, rather empowering. I may have to start making it a regular color! So far we have seen Kat Von D, Dita Von Teese and today Marilyn Monroe. Two more days in the week, two more celebrity looks. Time to get my Alaska tan (a.k.a. Fake Bake) on for the last 2! Want a hint…tomorrows celebrity look is something many women really really want! LOVE YOU!


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