Dita Von Teese!

Day 2 and who do we have for our celebrity look, Dita Von Teese! I love her look. So simple yet dramatic. I loved all the products I used, including the liquid liner! I’m going to say right now that liquid liner takes talent and a steady hand. Both I do not have but you be the judge (be kind). So lets get started…..

I started again with Nars Foundation and concealer. Excuse the puffiness, my trip to Walmart had an unfortunate encounter with a creepy man and the stress was a bit much. But we trudge on right! Today instead of using the Urban Decay primer potion I tried the Lorac primer that came with the pallete. I really like it, very smooth and creamy. Then I applied the shade cream from brow line to lash line. There wasn’t as much fall out from the shadow today. So yesterdays fall out was most likely from just being first time use.

I used the Kat Von D Shade + Light eye contour brush for all shadowing today. I’m in love with this brush! The second shade I used was espresso. Blend this in along the crease line. And that’s it for the shadow! Simple right? Well now comes the liquid liner….

Today I tried the Illamasqua liquid eye liner I received in my Ipsy package. I had never heard of this brand. Its not bad. I only applied the liner on the top lash line. It took some time and patience. I’m going to have to keep practicing my steady and even lines. I forgot to take a picture but I used some tape to assist in the wing drawing. A little unsure about the length I didn’t wing-out too far. After I was satisfied with the liner I applied some mascara. I loved the Urban Decay mascara I used yesterday but using a tiny trial size was not very efficient for this look so I picked up Maybelline pumped up mascara today.

With a couple coats of mascara applied it was time to added the lashes. Another area that is new to me. Sephora has a pretty collection of lashes. I did not use their glue. I used the Duo eyelash adhesive in clear. All the videos I watched were always adamant about using this brand. These lashes I didn’t need to trim. Guess I really do have big eyes! LOL! The adhesive was easy to apply as were the lashes. Having only worn false lashes at my wedding , it does take awhile to get use to wearing them. And with that the eyes are complete.

For the brows , thankfully the Maybelline tattoo gel didn’t last 2 days like it claims. I shaped them using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. Then filled the brows in with a little Lorac shade espresso. Inheriting the Italian thick and hairy brows, my brows have been the bane of my existence. I’ve tried using the shaping guidelines I see online and I have even had them professionally done. Still just cant get them right. They are so thick and coarse that all the estheticians I go to are brutal. But again I trudge on and keep trying.

FINALLY A STEP I CAN DO! I don’t have very apple-y cheeks but a little blush added to the apple of my cheeks is just the right amount for this look. Colorful yet subtle. For this I used Benefits Dandelion blush. Its such a beautiful delicate pink.

Dita always seems to wear such beautiful shades of red lipsticks. For this look I lined my lips with Maybelline Color Sensational in Brick Red. I lined and filled in my lips completely with the liner. I was told this helps the lipstick last longer so I try to always do this. For the lipstick I used Mac Cremesheen in Brave Red. I purchased this either through Sephora or Nordstrom a couple years ago thinking I would be brave one day. That day took 2 years but I am satisfied. Both liner and lipstick went on smoothly. Very red lip colors have always been intimidating to me. The right shade can be difficult to match with your complexion.  Just keep trying and the right shade will find you.

Last detail is Dita’s signature beauty mark, this I achieved with a dab of liquid liner.

Finished look!

With this look complete I have to say this is probably my favorite. Its simple and if you notice…no contouring! Oh that can always go either way! The liner was intimidating but I think with a little practice and right product it is something I could get use too. As for the false lashes, again a little practice I could get use to them but maybe not on an everyday use. Time for me to prepare for tomorrows celebrity look. A little hint..She’s not known for being a brunette!

The YouTube video I used as a guide is via Goldiestarling Dita Von Teese Pinup Makeup Tutorial from 2011. Sorry the video link didn’t want to transfer but definitely look her up on YouTube!



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