Kat Von D

Do you like to play with make-up and love watching the how to videos on YouTube? ME TOO!!! I will watch almost any video from everyday make-up to the extreme. I think my love for playing with cosmetics came from being the guinea pig for my oldest sister. I remember her putting make up on me when I was around 8 years old. It was some of the most fun. As I got older and was able to pick out my own stuff there wasn’t much of a selection because we didn’t have internet (GASP!!!) and living up here in Alaska we really only had drug stores unless you had the cabbage to shell out at the 2 department stores we had. (I didn’t) Now of course we have more options than 2 department stores and drugstores. This gives us addicts more dealers! So during the month of March I went to both Sephora’s we have, Ulta, Victoria Secret, Nordstrom Rack and I think Walmart, also my Ipsy March bag. Like a squirrel I stored my stash for April. I have declared April Beauty Month for this blog. This week I will be “attempting to re-create a certain celebrity look. And with that lets dive in with todays recreation!

Kat Von D, gorgeous. I love her art and cosmetics! I have seen so many people recreate her look so what the hell! Lets try! I started with my new Nars foundation. I kept seeing people using it so, being the guinea pig I am, said sure. I also used a Nars concealer I found while waiting in line at Sephora. God I’m such an impulse buyer! I was a bit upset I didn’t get any Kat Von D eye shadow. I really wanted to try her Shade + Light eye contour quad but both Sephora’s were out and online is constantly running out before I can get my hands on one. However another pallet I keep seeing is Lorac pro pallet. I picked mine up at Ulta. I also purchased this pallet because it will be useful for many looks this month.

Before starting on the eyes I wanted to try out the Maybelline Tattoo Studio brow gel. I wanted to see if it was worth the hype. To be honest, for me it really wasn’t. Ill stick to Anastasia Beverly Hills. Normally I use the dipbrow but Ulta, in their infinite wisdom, had her brow wiz pencil on sale during their “21 days of beauty” event. So for change of pace I picked one up. Didn’t help much today because of that brow tattoo gel but from what I understand that’s suppose to wash out in a couple days. Pressing on…I moved onto the eyes.

I applied cream over my lid and up to the brow. A matte shade. Then added nude from the crease down. Nude is kind of between matte and shimmer. Very pigmented colors however I noticed a bit of fall out when I swiped my brush onto the colors. For now I’m gonna chalk it up to first time use of the pallet.

One thing I really find interesting with Kat Von D is how she uses liner to sort of shape the eye starting with over the lid. Here I attempted a crescent moon shape..this liner did not go on smoothly. I was so happy to find at Sephora the Kat Von D Shade + Light eye contour brush. I haven’t bought a brush in a long time because I am always getting one in my monthly Ipsy package so I was a little price shocked but Kat is worth it. Its so beautiful and comes in its own plastic case.

After smudging the line I patted sable on to follow the lines of the black liner then blended that in. The next shade is slate. Again I used that by following the lines of the black liner and sable shadow. Then blended that in. I finished it off with a sample size Urban Decay mascara, also found in line at Sephora.

I love the finished product on the eyes. Simple steps but definitely need practice with the liner. Next was moving on to contouring. For that I bought City Color contour pallete a while ago so I stayed with that but will most certainly being getting the Kat Von D Shade + Light face contour pallete. City color is ok but it is difficult to blend and is a bit drying.

I of course do not have her cheek bones but I tried her technique. I think it worked out ok. These images show pre-blend. I also tried her nose contour technique but again I don’t have her beautiful nose. I have the Italian shnoz! So that didn’t turn out flattering. The last step is the lips. One of my first purchases in March was the Kat Von D studded Kiss Crème lipstick in Lolita and her Everlasting lip liner in Lolita. It was so difficult to wait until today to use it. I am so happy. Both are so creamy and easy to apply. I was starving when I was complete and ate a meatball sandwich. The lipstick lasted through the sauce, cheese and grease. I will be buying more colors!

Completed look! I’m so pleased!

Over all I love her techniques and products. Unfortunately I was not able to use all her products. There are so many brands try and on a budget I needed to get more universal products for this months looks. The Tarte Sex kitten liner and the Maybelline Tattoo gel will not be moving on to the other looks. You never know until you try though right!

The 2 you tube videos I used as guides are:

I hope you enjoyed Mondays Celebrity Look. And I hope you try Kat Von D products. The quality and colors are simply beautiful. Its time for me to get ready for tomorrows celebrity…..stay tuned….


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