Field trip #5

After 4 days of wandering all over my own town its safe to say I only really experienced a portion of what Anchorage has to offer. I missed so much these past 11 years. While I was spending all my time at work in a cubicle I now realize I have shut myself off from my community.  So this is field trip # 5. Simple, reflection.

Monday I stuck with my normal shopping routine, Walmart and Michaels. But I challenged myself by walking there. It was only 2-3 miles but I went out in the cold drizzle that turned into windy and snowy. I jumped over lakes and dodged some lakes. But I forced myself to do it on my own. To some that may not seem like much to do on your own, what you need to realize about me is that I haven’t gone out on my own in years. I’m always with someone and they are driving me to these places. So the simple task of walking to run some errands , in bad weather no less, was a milestone for me. Rather than walking home I tried out our new bus system. Not a fan at the moment but I may grow to tolerate the new ways. LOL! By the end of my adventure I was tired, hot and sore. I made the mistake of wearing my wool coat and over heated while I walked. When I was finally home and sat down I became VERY aware of some muscles that haven’t been used in awhile. Icy Hot became my friend that day. But it was a good day.

Field trip #2 was on the much brighter side. Still feeling all my muscles I took my husband up on his offer to drop me off at my first stop. Barnes and Noble was so peaceful as was the Starbucks inside the store. I could have stayed there all day gazing into the sunshine. But there was more to do. On my walk to the Sears mall I was able to see all the changes that took place right outside my door. When I got to the mall the changes became more real. One end of the building was a grocery store. That’s closed now and nothing has moved in. At the other end was Sears. Barely any lights on now and almost out of stock that will be closing soon too. There aren’t many shops in between, mostly service oriented locations(Cable co, bank, eye doctor) Its sad when these changes happen, it makes you think of the good ol’ days when the mall was packed with shops and Sears was the place to go. The high point was going next door to Nordstrom rack. Its bright and just busy enough to not be overwhelming. I found so may great deals and beautiful items. The sales crew were helpful and nice. All that is what makes me want to go back again. On this field trip I didn’t walk far , I got a ride home from my sister, but the walking I did left me reminiscing about all the changes that have taken place since my family moved here in November of ’86. I’m hoping the evolution Midtown is going through will be one of positive change for this town.

Field trip # 3 kept me within my circle and connecting with nature. All summer my husband and I will walk this trail. Its a bit of wild in the middle of our city. The Campbell Creek and trail are entwined with each other. In the winter there are cross country skiers, dog walkers and people using the trail to get to and from work not to mention a moose on occasion. During the summer the trail and the creek get busy. The kayakers and inner tube floaters, fisherman and many more moose. A bonus is the trail leads straight to The Peanut Farm back deck! Best summer tradition! Its a small bit of heaven and peace I’m lucky to have in my own backyard.

Field trip #4 was  much busier but still thankful for that sunshine. It was still in the 20’s and downtown the temp has a little more bite to it, being so close to the water, but going to the Anchorage Museum was the highlight of all the field trips. So much history and so much talent, left me in awe. The expansion the museum has gone through and the helpful, courteous staff, I just cant say enough. I will certainly be returning to the café as well. The shining star of my day. The shopping part of my day left a bad taste in my mouth so I will merely focus on the Anchorage Museum and keep the smile on my face.

That brings us to today. It was such a busy week. Not working full time since January, all this tired me out. After breakfast I sat back on the couch and ended up falling asleep until noon. Although the week started on horrible weather it ended on beauty. Still in the 20’s mind you but that’s ok. Any day that’s filled with sunshine is a good day. It brings hope of a very sunny summer. Fingers crossed it will get to the 80’s! Until then I leave my field trips as they were. My adventurous week has left my home in need of cleaning and my list of projects growing. Never forget to appreciate each day and always try to find 1 moment of good when your having the off days.


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