Field Trip #4


With my last employer I worked for 11 years. Eleven years in a cubicle, eleven years of getting up and going to work all day and then home to make dinner. Even on the weekends I only went out to the grocery store and usually Michael’s. On occasion I would go to Ulta or Sephora. In Eleven years I went to the movie theatre maybe about 5 times. After working full time and taking care of a home, son and husband I’ve always been just too tired. I certainly have made up for that this week. Well started making up for it.

Field trip #1 I ventured to one end of town, Field trip #2 kept me in my familiar area of midtown as did #3. Although #3 was more a trip into solitude. This brings us to Field Trip #4. There is so much to do in Downtown Anchorage. Shops and restaurants  and  the Museum.  The Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center has grown so much since my family moved her in 1986, from 90,000 sq ft to the 247,000 sq ft amazing museum I went to today.

One of the largest exhibitions is Cruisin’ the Fossil Coastline. A joint project of Alaskan Artist Ray Troll and Paleontologist Kirk Johnson. Through their 250 day journey of research and travel they created an amazing exhibit. It is a combination of fossils or casting of fossils and Beautiful artwork. One piece stood out to me. A simple image of a Walrus with a verse from Lewis Carroll projected along side.

” The time has come ,” the walrus said,

“To talk of many things:

Of shoes and ships, and sealing-wax,

Of cabbages and kings-

And why the sea is boiling hot

And whether pigs have wings.”

So many pieces in this exhibition stood out to me to many to show here. So if your in Anchorage it’s defimitely worth the time. Just around the corner in the Atrium was the 46th annual Anchorage School District Student Art Exhibition. The Artists ranged from kindergarten to twelfth grade. So many of them brought a grin to my face. How proud these children must be to have their work exhibited at this museum. And I have to add, We have many fine artists in our school system.

On the next floor there was a rather moving display and I think the description speaks volumes for itself. I do apologize for it being a little blurry.

Around the corner Was a temporary exhibit that also speaks volumes just by the image alone. Simply titled “Neighbors” by John Raymond Mireles. It is an exhibit solely of portraits of random individuals from around Anchorage from all walks of life. No names are given, only the location where they met.

Continuing through glass doors there is the Alaska exhibition made up of permanent and temporary exhibits. The Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center displays artifacts from the many tribes of natives in the arctic. The artistry and intricacy of these pieces made without the modern conveniences we have today gives great respect to their traditions and history handed down through many generations.

On the same level is the Alaska exhibition that displays how Alaska has grown as well as how Hollywood once , and in certain ways still, perceives Alaska.

One display that creeps me out because of one thing Alaska is known for…the dreaded “E” word. I know its superstitious but seriously Good Friday is next week. And we have had quite a few “E” words lately that have been of descent size.

In the Art of the North Galleries there is a wide spectrum of art forms. The tribal masks and landscapes using various mediums. This oil and acrylic piece on a silk and wood Asian fan isn’t my normal preferred piece but it grabbed my attention knowing the desperate situation of the polar bears existence today.

One of the staples I believe of the Anchorage Museum, because its been a proud display that has grown extensively since I moved here are the pieces and history of Sydney Laurence. Born in Brooklyn, NY in 1865 and passing away in Anchorage, AK in 1940, Sydney Laurence was a popular painter of the Alaskan landscape. The exhibit today not only displays his paintings but also simple scratch drawings on small pieces of paper.

Only a fraction of the permanent exhibit

After spending a good 2 hours traveling through Alaskan history my stomach started controlling my actions. The Muse is the café inside the museum. Its a little on the spendy side, my entrée size chicken Caesar salad was $18.00, but definitely worth every penny. A beautiful red interior, on the trendy spectrum not the stereotypical Alaskan rustic café. The music was keeping up with todays pop style but not intrusive. The service was impeccable and the food… Caesar salads are my favorite and the chicken Caesar at the Muse was perfect. A return visit is a must. Off to the side of the admission counter, a ticket is not required to have a meal there.

After such a wonderful time at the museum I traveled across the street to Nordstrom to check out what they had for spring time. My joy and relaxation quickly vanished upon entering this store. I’m not sure if I just wasn’t dressed properly, a nice blouse and brand new jeans bought earlier this week, or what the issue but noses were turned up and it took pulling teeth to get some help. I managed to sample to perfumes I had been wanting to try, Tiffany & Co. perfume which will run you around $100 for 1.7 oz and Versace Bright Crystal for $57 for a 1 oz bottle. I have to say I’m not normally a fan of expensive perfumes, to me they always had this over powering floral scent but these two I would definitely recommend. I’m not sure I would go to this particular store unless I had to. On the same floor are their bags and I love the simple lines of Ted Baker so I wanted to check these out as well. Too expensive for my current situation but the Rebecca Minkoff bags and Ted Baker stole my heart. The prices also dropped my heart but better days ahead I like to think.

My main reason for going to Nordstrom was to try the Leith Ruffle wrap top. It wasn’t until I had 2 articles to try on that someone came over to see if I needed help. All I will show you is the shirt after I tried it on. It wasn’t flattering on my body. Maybe after a few crunches…ok A LOT of crunches! LOL! The dress is a large.. I barely got my arms through let alone past my chest. Both beautiful pieces but sadly not on me.

20180322_142218.jpgDefeated, I took the skywalk to the mall. I spotted Victoria Secret! I don’t go in there expecting to find my size in bras but its nice to see the product so I can order online. I was bombarded by sales clerks. I did purchase a couple body sprays and when I got to the counter they had buy 5 masks for $10 so I added that to my purchase. Where at Nordstrom I couldn’t get any help, Victoria Secret staff were constantly trying to help every time I took a step. Not sure which is worse.

What sealed the deal on me skipping the 5th ave mall for quite some time was Sephora. I love Sephora, until I went to this store. I started in the perfume section. As I was perusing the selections to see if there was something new I could try a man stepped next to me and as I was looking at the perfumes he was facing me. As I took a step sideways he matched it. I so wanted to ask him if he had an issue but I felt very uncomfortable. I went directly to the other side of the store. He disappeared some where. I couldn’t get anyone to help there either. I found 2 small pieces I was looking for and couldn’t get out of there fast enough. I did not feel welcome there and that’s one of my favorite stores. I think Ill stick to their online.

The museum remains my favorite part of my day and I wont let my retail experience damper that. So if your ever in Anchorage that is a must see. the cost is $18 for adults $15 if your and Alaska resident $12 for seniors, students or military $9 for children 3-12 and free for 2 and younger. Their website is

What did leave me with a smile when I left the mall, Rather disturbing reason, When I stopped to put my coat on I noticed below was the Easter bunny photo area. That poor bunny looked just as defeated! LOL!

Poor Bunny!

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