Field Trip #3

Todays field trip is about calming relaxation. I live in a beautiful state anytime of year. I prefer the summers but today was too beautiful and sunny to pass up. The first field trip was filled with crappy weather, the second filled with bargains. For hump day I decided to take advantage of the surrounding peace because the next two days are going to be busy field trips! Once I traversed my parking lot, slipping and falling on my hands and knees once, I was ready for peace!

28 degrees and so much sun!

Right behind my complex is a beautiful trail that weaves along a large creek. Its a popular path right through Anchorage. A bit of heaven without having to travel far.

The trail starts well before where I live. To pop on from my neighborhood you walk through a field and through a path in the woods. This wooded area is one of my favorites. There are trees and stumps that have been there so long they have moss all around. No matter the season I always found this area magical. Scenes from storybooks where mythical forest creatures wonder comes to mind.

At this point the snow is still packed down on the path. It also covers the creek so thick its rare to see a spot where you can hear the water. After walking 20 minutes I finally found one. Anytime of year you need to keep aware of your surroundings. Moose can be anywhere. I spotted evidence. LOL!

One of the best perks along the trail, Peanut Farm! This path leads right up to the back deck of the Iconic Peanut Farm Restaurant. In the summers the back deck is open. You sit along the creek, eat drink and watch people float down on inner tubes and kayaks! During the winter obviously the deck is closed but the scenery still cant be beat.

There was another iconic restaurant along the trail. Sourdough mining Co. was around for 32 years. Mostly a tourist location but locals loved the place as well. The corn fritters and honey butter were definitely worth writing home about. Sadly they closed a couple years ago. A sign of the times I guess. Across the parking lot Alaska Wildberry is still in operation.

The trail continues on for several more miles however right now its too slippery and windy to continue on by myself. At any point in the trail the scenery never disappoints. Warmer weather better get here soon. I’m ready for Peanut Farms deck, 25 oz beers and chicken wings. Time to rest up for tomorrows full day.

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