Field trip #2

Todays field trip inspired more smiles! The weather was beautiful. Sunny and 34 degrees , just gorgeous! I will admit I did cheat on my transportation though. I could have walked but my legs were sore from yesterday. So when my husband offered to drop me off at the first location I agreed and even decided to curl my hair. Without so much walking I didn’t need to put it up.

The day started and Barnes and Noble. I had been wanting to go to get the Gregory Maguire book Hiddensee for a long time. They had it but only in hardback. As much as I love his books, I’m gonna have to wait for paperback. I wondered around and found some other interesting books. I always love to look at the bargain books. You never know what you will find!

Afterwards I popped over to Starbucks for some juice and a croissant. It was still early so both Barnes and Noble and Starbucks were peaceful. Sitting there I relaxing in the peace and quiet was exactly what the doctor ordered.

While I was having my breakfast I realized that the Mall at Sears was just a couple blocks away. I hadn’t been there in years. I headed back out in the sunshine. Looking at the mountains with the sun shining you can see the dust in the air from the winter road sanding’s. Its that time of year where everything melts and you feel the grit on your face just from being outside a short while. Walking through the Mall at Sears and seeing the few little shops remaining, the grocery store now closed and Sears closing, it reminds me of the University Center Mall. University Center still has some small shops but is mostly taken over by UAA offices and some classrooms. It use to boast a popular movie theatre and very busy shops along with a big grocery store. I hadn’t been to Sears in a long time and figured I would give it one last look. I found a pair of much needed jeans but not much else. Since they have been having there closing sale for a while its pretty picked over. It looks very sad inside and the employees looked run down too.

With my jeans purchased my final stop was at Nordstrom Rack. I haven’t been there in a long time as well.

Yes, I realize the “N” is missing. The sun was in my eyes

I grabbed a cart (you never know what you will find) and I was off. First stop perfume. I have been out of perfume for a very long time. They always have one of my favorites, Pink Sugar by Aquolina I also had the chance to sample the Vince Camuto perfume. A little heavy scented but not bad. The make up area is always hit and miss. If you take the time to look closely at everything you are sure to find good deals. They had some beautiful Urban Decay lipsticks. They were more on the sheer side so I moved on. In the display of travel size products I found a 2fl oz bottle of Mario Badescu Facial spray for $5. Did not pass that up! It has a beautiful rose scent and a little goes a long way so that was a bargain!

Finished with the perfume/makeup area I made my way up and down the aisles of clothes. I found a lot of deals but most of the clothes were either too heavy ( I get hot real easy) or not my style. I did find a cardigan I may go back this week to get. You gotta act fast cause things change up there pretty quick. There was one top however that caught my eye by Como Vintage. Its so light for summer and goes with casual and dressy bottoms.

I skipped the shoe area. I get overwhelmed very easy with shoes. Finishing up with the clothes I went over to the bags. I am in the market for a small everyday bag. But all they had were either big bags or small bags in many shades of brown. Not inspiring. There is a small housewares section. If you see something there you like, get it right there and then because the quantity of each item rarely exceeds 5.

Very flashy!

My last stop was over to the jewelry. I found some cute things but settled on a ring. Around this time last year my wedding and engagement rings were stolen at my previous place of employment. We haven’t got around to replacing them so when I saw this ring from covet I well…coveted it! Until we find a proper replacement this $18 dollar ring works perfectly.

As my day morning out drew to a close I did cheat on my transportation again.( I’m spoiled) My sister offered to pick me up on her lunch break so I very gladly agreed. We picked up a quick lunch and had a fun conversation. My day improved even more when I opened my mail box and saw my March Ipsy package had arrived. So Now we are down 2 field trips, one not so nice and one that was beautiful. Three more to go…..I can hardly wait!


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