Field Trip Week

Last week was rough. Have you ever had a spouse/better half or just someone your frequently around and their mood not only rubs off on you but it infects everything you do. That’s what happened this past week. So I thought to myself…what to do? First thought was FIELD TRIP!!! I have been a stay at home wife for 67 days now and with the winter we have had , going outside has not been at the top of my list since I have to walk, take public transit or depend on family to drive me. This week I’m venturing out. Each day I will mostly be walking around Anchorage unless the weather takes a bad turn. Todays not that great but manageable.

38 degrees and sprinkling


Today we start off easy. I will be going to Walmart to pick up photos I ordered enlarged and then to Michael’s to get the mat for the frame and maybe some other items……. Walking from Midtown to Dimond should be interesting. Its an Est 1 hour walk each way. I should definitely get my exercise in! These field trips will also be a test to find the interesting in the average day.  SEE YOU SOON!!!


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