Field trip #1

Todays trip was cut a little short. Thanks to the weather. A little drizzle turned into some flurries off and on along with the drizzle.

I did make it to Walmart.

My so done with winter face

Google Maps said it would take 1 hour. Proud to say I made it in 50 minutes. Partly because I had to dodge the lakes that are forming from melting snow. Some drivers are nice and they slow down so you don’t get splashed. Others however take pride in speeding up. Also most of the side walks have not been plowed lately so I had be careful not to get hit while walking. Again, some drivers are jerks and speed up. I finally made it to Walmart. I had to go through the whole copyright authorization. Thankfully our wedding photographer was quick to email me permission yesterday. After almost 5 years I’m finally printing out a couple wedding photos. The clerk at Walmart was a nice guy and helped get all that done. Then it was back into the crap weather to walk over to Michaels. Thankfully its only about a 20 minute walk. That includes waiting at the light and dodging “not so nice” drivers. But when you walk through the doors of Michaels its like heaven on earth.

The first thing you see to your right is all the flowers/plants/trees and what song is play “Sweet Caroline” I quickly had a smile on my face. After a stroll through spring time I went and picked up the mats I needed for my frames. I started getting tired so I thought best choice was to take the bus home.

After crisscrossing the store a few times it was close to bus time so I checked out. The clerk there was super nice as well. Now I knew we had a new bus system and it had been a very long time since I took the bus but I didn’t realize how many stops they removed. the stop right outside Michael’s was gone so I continued walking straight hoping I would come across a bus stop since I had 10 minutes before the bus arrived. Not a one! I ended up at the bus transit center at the mall with 1 minute to spare before my bus was set to go.

The new bus schedule

Once I was settled in my seat it hit me, if those stops were taken away, Did they take away the stop I always got off at?? I played it safe and got off at the stop before my normal one. It added on a few more minutes to my walk home but if I didn’t it would have been a much longer walk. I was right to be cautious. It was gone. I think I would have been safer walking home because the route through my neighborhood was much more treacherous. Pot holes, unplowed side walks, lakes spanning the entire road and fast drivers. It took me 40 minutes to walk from the bus stop to my home.

I walked in, dropped my bags and peeled off my clothes. I was so tired, sweaty and hungry, I skipped lunch cause I was worried about the weather. After all that though my journey was a success. I put the photo and the mats in the frames and I was in love!

So Field trip # 1 was a bit yucky but I am undeterred. Tomorrow is another day and brings with it new adventures! And wouldn’t you know it, The weather turned nicer later in the afternoon! That’s Alaska for you! See you tomorrow!

Sunny and 41 degrees

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