Caterpillars and Silver Hair

Those of you that know me know when I get something stuck in my head 99% of the time I can’t get it out until I do it. So I decided to go silver, temporarily. But first the brows…long over due waxing. I look like I have 2 caterpillars over my eyes..given time it would surely become a una-caterpillar! LOL! Most of the time I prefer to wax my brows myself. Whenever I go to a salon they pull so hard I bleed. That’s not how I want to donate my blood. The product I love is Parissa strip free hot wax. It comes in a little metal pot that you warm up (I use a burner but NEVER leave unattended and it only takes a minute) and it comes with tongue depressors to apply. I let it sit a couple seconds on my brows then rip it off like a band aid. Just like the hair on my head, my brows are thick and coarse so this wax is perfect. The scent is a wonderful pine and it only takes a little bit of wax each time so one little pot will last a long time.

With that complete its time to go silver. Make sure to brush or comb through your hair first. Then either wear a shirt that you don’t care about or if you have a protective cape, like the one I got from Esalon.

Now lets do it. The product I used is called Mofajang hair color wax in silver/gray. I first saw it on Pinterest and it looked fun. The link on Pinterest didn’t work so I went on Amazon. I love Amazon! The instructions on the box are in an Asian language but on the jar they do have it in English. The scent is light and has a familiar cologne smell but not over powering in any way. The feel is very smooth and silky, non-greasy. The ingredients include all natural licorice extract, beeswax, mineral water.  Don’t worry about getting it on your skin, a little soap and water washes it away.

On one side of my hair I applied it heavily and on the other I applied it in thin highlights. The color is amazing. The silkiness of the wax makes it so easy to apply. I do recommend that if you have thick/coarse hair, apply it in very thin applications and only as highlights. The side I applied the thick coating was a little more difficult to comb through. However they do recommend if it is too thick just add a little water to your hair to thin it out. And be sure to comb through it! If you don’t it just looks like a metallic helmet.

Once it “dried” I wanted to see if it would curl. The thicker side didn’t curl so well but you can sort of mold it with your hands. That was kinda cool. The lighter side curled a bit better since it included hair that wasn’t coated. The curls were pretty cute.

The wax does leave a little residue on the curling iron but a little wipe down with a cloth using soap and water cleans it all up. When your ready for it to go away, simply wash your hair like you normally do. It completely washes out. Word of warning though, Keep your mouth shut as you wet your hair. The wax does not taste good. The wax does not damage your hair but after coloring my hair last week I was long over due for a good coconut oil mask.

This was a very fun product to try. I found myself singing along to my music and posing in the mirror like I was 16 again. I will definitely use it again for special occasions or when I just need a pick me up. I found it on Amazon for $11.99. It also comes in gold, blue and purple. Choices..choices! Until next time my beauties just remember



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