There are many techniques to coloring your hair. From the many brands of at home coloring to the full salon experience. Since I was 18 I have tried them all, or at least it feels like it. I always saw my hair as a canvas, Never satisfied to play it safe. In the early 80’s and 90’s I was limited to what my mother allowed. I had the princess Diana cut and many perms. Once I hit 18 though, WATCH OUT WORLD! I absorbed all the magazines on hairstyles and colors. I started small with trimming bangs and quickly moved on to full on bleaching and trying to fix that to all black. Needless to say I have supported many a hairstylist with repairing my “creativity”. I never stopped though and all the while my mothers voice has been in my head, ” One day your hair will fall out”.  My response was always, “Hey, I’m 1/2 Italian. I’m have more hair than I know what to do with”. Back then I use to color my hair for the fun of it. I still do, however, now there is more of a purpose to it. At 43 years old I now battle they dreaded gray hair. True it is popular now among the trendy young. I was even going to attempt it. I figured why fight them when you can enjoy the party. I went to the salon December 31, 2017. Showed the stylist what I was looking for. She let me know that to achieve this it would take at least 2 visits since my hair was so dark. We agreed that an ombre style was best and she tried 2 lighting techniques to achieve a caramel brown tone for my first visit. My next visit was to be in the middle to late February. This way my hair would not be damaged. That visit lasted about 4 hours and cost $200. A couple weeks later I lost my job. I figured this would put a crimp in my plans but I would work it out. By middle February, still not working, I had plenty of time to research how I could achieve the gray at home so I wouldn’t have to spend another $200 since we are a 1 income household. I also researched the care and up keep it would require. I was exhausted. So one day I was on Pinterest, my unyielding addiction. I kept noticing the ads for Esalon. Late at night February 22 I couldn’t sleep so I went to their site and answered all the questions about my hair texture, original hair color and even sent a photo of my current color. I signed up for the auto ship to getthe discounts and added to my order the protective cape as well as the mixing bowl and brush. I was really excited to try this so I also sprung for the extra $2 for express shipping. Now I must tell you, living in Alaska express shipping isn’t always express shipping and its almost never $2. The next day I logged in and was amazed, they had already shipped it. Still a bit skeptical I waited the weekend. Sunday night I logged in to check the shipping. It had already arrived and would be delivered February 25! I waited with anticipation the next day for the mail man. I knew he delivered around 11am-1pm. Again, still skeptical because we have had certain mail carriers that prefer to leave a pick up notice in our box then buzz our apartment to have us come get it from them at the mail boxes. When the buzzer went off I nearly knocked a at unconscious with how quickly I jumped up! After receiving the package I ran upstairs and and admired my purchase, without opening the box.

With the excitement of a kid at Christmas I opened the package and it was beautiful.



Do you see the top left corner…Get Excited! Why yes I am!


I decided to let all this absorb and would wait until the next morning to begin. As soon as my husband left for work I was setting everything up.

First up was the developer and color. Then I opened the color care package. This included The after care shampoo and conditioner packet, stain guard cream and stain remover towelette.

Next was the color tools package that I had added to my order. This included the cape, hair clips, bowl, brush and a timer. They even included the battery for the timer!

There was even a cute little box for the gloves.

20180227_095631Once everything was laid out I began to read the instructions. Always important!

First step was to part my hair into four sections. Then apply the stain guard. Don’t forget around your ears! Make sure to wash your hands afterwards.

Next mix the color and developer really well. Take out one section of hair and in this sections brush the mixture to the roots and new growth. Here you can see the grays and new growth I accumulated in one month.

Once you get all your roots done set the timer for 20 minutes. Be prepared the timer is loud! After the 20 minutes its time to color the rest of your hair. and wait 5 minutes.

After the 5 minutes its time to rinse, shampoo and condition. Normally I let my hair air dry but for time sake I used a hair dryer. It not only covered my grays but it also made my hair a beautiful rich chocolate color. Before drying my hair I also like to add a smoothing cream or oil to tame my naturally coarse wavy hair but this time I didn’t. I wanted to see what this product was like without any outside help.

Now we wait to see how long it lasts. I set up the auto-ship for every 4 weeks but you can easily change it for sooner or later. Over all I’m sold. The website is very user friendly, fast shipping and beautiful color that leaves your hair soft. The fact that they include the stain guard and stain remover , to me, shows they cover their bases. The protective cape is excellent quality. It is not a cheap nylon or plastic.  I chose to do all over color but if your comfort level is higher you can also try their highlights. So hair enthusiates, if your looking to try salon quality at home I would recommend E-salon. Affordability and quality!


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