Field Trip #3

Todays field trip is about calming relaxation. I live in a beautiful state anytime of year. I prefer the summers but today was too beautiful and sunny to pass up. The first field trip was filled with crappy weather, the second filled with bargains. For hump day I decided to take advantage of the surrounding peace because the next two days are going to be busy field trips! Once I traversed my parking lot, slipping and falling on my hands and knees once, I was ready for peace!

28 degrees and so much sun!

Right behind my complex is a beautiful trail that weaves along a large creek. Its a popular path right through Anchorage. A bit of heaven without having to travel far.

The trail starts well before where I live. To pop on from my neighborhood you walk through a field and through a path in the woods. This wooded area is one of my favorites. There are trees and stumps that have been there so long they have moss all around. No matter the season I always found this area magical. Scenes from storybooks where mythical forest creatures wonder comes to mind.

At this point the snow is still packed down on the path. It also covers the creek so thick its rare to see a spot where you can hear the water. After walking 20 minutes I finally found one. Anytime of year you need to keep aware of your surroundings. Moose can be anywhere. I spotted evidence. LOL!

One of the best perks along the trail, Peanut Farm! This path leads right up to the back deck of the Iconic Peanut Farm Restaurant. In the summers the back deck is open. You sit along the creek, eat drink and watch people float down on inner tubes and kayaks! During the winter obviously the deck is closed but the scenery still cant be beat.

There was another iconic restaurant along the trail. Sourdough mining Co. was around for 32 years. Mostly a tourist location but locals loved the place as well. The corn fritters and honey butter were definitely worth writing home about. Sadly they closed a couple years ago. A sign of the times I guess. Across the parking lot Alaska Wildberry is still in operation.

The trail continues on for several more miles however right now its too slippery and windy to continue on by myself. At any point in the trail the scenery never disappoints. Warmer weather better get here soon. I’m ready for Peanut Farms deck, 25 oz beers and chicken wings. Time to rest up for tomorrows full day.

Alaskan Summer

Summers in Alaska can be gray and depressing filled with nothing but rain or they can be priceless with some rain but also some absolutely beautiful days! This summer has been priceless. If you love the outdoors than stay tuned because I have some awesome pictures from trips within Anchorage and some not so far from home. One of the great thinks about Anchorage is your centrally located with amazing places only a short drive away.


The start of the summer began at Byron Glacier trail. About an hour south of Anchorage there is an easy walking trail that leads to priceless views of Byron Glacier. If you go early enough in the spring/summer season there is usually a large body of snow from an avalanche, within 30 minutes of the trail head, you can walk over and go further to explore the glacier. The day before we went there had been a fatal accident along one of the caves due to the snow and ice melting so we stopped once we reached the snow.

The running water was so cool it just kept shouting out for us to jump in! the chill glacier water gives off is perfect on the hot summer days. And having access to snow in the summer makes for amazing and cool snowball fights. The trail itself is super easy. no serious inclines. Its like an unpaved walk in the park. But watch out for mosquito’s! Walking on a trail surrounded by lush trees and cool running water makes for serious mosquito bait. It is well worth it though when you reach the open rocky glacier valley you will come out speechless. The blue from the towering glacier is illuminated even on a cloudy day. The cool glacier water of Byron creek inspires a dip to escape the heat.

Although it is a short trail and opens to a large valley never count out wildlife. Always be prepared for bears. Just around the corner from the trail head is the Portage Glacier. There is a very informative center, Begich Boggs Visitor Center, where you can learn the history of the area. When your done there, walk down the steps to the waters edge of Portage Lake.

Early enough in the summer you can see large chunks of ice floating in the water. There is a rocky beach to the left of the parking lot that leads you on a short walk but amazing views of the glacier. For a closer look , hop on a 1 hour cruise that will take you close to the glacier and occasionally see fractures of ice break off and thunder into the water. For this summer the cost is $39 for adults and $19 for children (cruise only).


Only an hour and a half north of Anchorage is Independence Mine in Hatcher Pass. many buildings still stand as historical records of the gold boom in the 1940’s. Some buildings are closed off for safety purposes. There are a couple open to the public that display artifacts from the operating days of the mine.

There are many trails that take you around the buildings and to the entrance of one of the Water tunnel. Stepping along these historical paths and peering into the windows that use to house workers, office buildings where the booming gold business took place is very humbling with the simple luxuries we have today. Walking through the restored Miners Managers house tells the story of the lives of the workers through the antiques once used to light their way, type letters, weigh their gold as well as many photosIf your looking for a snack, lunch or a souvenir there is another building restored that has been turned into a gift shop/café.The trails are pretty easy, no heavy climbing as long as you stay within the Independence Mine location.

The sound of a rumbling stream coming down the mountainside follows you through every trail. Wild flowers flow in enchanting blankets along the mountain’s. Wildlife? Never count them out. While we were there we saw a pretty chubby marmot. He was being nosey, traveling through the pipes that connect to the mine. You can often hear their chittering as you walk the trail as they echo in the pipes. Watch your step or you could step in one of the marmot tunnel opening.

Even in the summer time you can still find remnants of snow along the paths. There is nothing like sitting in snow during a 70 degree heat wave! in the center of the “village” there is a covered area with picnic tables perfect for a lunch with a 360 view of history and mother nature at its finest.

The only cost is $5 for parking. If you don’t stop on your way to the park you better stop on your way back to view the Little Susitna river. Its definitely not little, but it is a magnificent raging glacial water spectacular. The water rages so loud along this stretch you can barely hear yourself.

As the water surges between the boulders scattered along the river you find yourself in a trance admiring the white and blue glacial waves. Truly a spectacular sight. Along the way home you will also find a small gas station that tote the worlds best ice cream.

It was certainly very good and the flavor list is endless! Definitely worth the stop for a cool treat!


De-funk your life


For the month of may I have been in a funk. It all started when I got sick. The head and sinus cold that would never leave. Taking so many meds, drinking so much tea and hardly sleeping. Of course the weather here hasn’t helped. We have gray cloudy and rainy days every day! Plus high winds that are frickin cold! Alaska spring time, what can I say. So once I was finally done with my cold and didn’t feel like a plague on society I sat on my couch …..and just stayed there. All I had planned for my blog for May was ruined. So I figured I needed to start digging myself out. Mothers day was the start of that.

I love my boy!

My son came home from Virginia for a week. On Mothers Day my sister came over and with my son and husband we did an at home se pa day. Facials, manicures, pedicures but NO WAXING!


It was a fun day. First we did our foot soak. My poor husband and son had to do 1 foot at a time since they have big feet. We soaked our feet in a mix of hot water, Listerine and applie cider vinegar. Next we scrubbed our feet with a peppermint scrub I made with sugar, coconut oil and peppermint essential oil. With are feet clean and polished we softened them up a bit more with gold bond medicated lotion.


Next up were the facials. We started with Micellar water to make sure our skin was clean. Then we used a tea tree scrub I made with coconut oil. Only a little sugar and some tea tree essential oil. In slow circular motions we sloughed away the dead skin cells. After rinsing off the scrub we applied a warm cloth over our faces and relaxed for a few moments. When that cooled it was time to apply face masks. I seem to collect those so I had a nice assortment. We had a choice of assorted Glamglow mud masks, Glamglow bubble sheet mask, ELF bubble liquid mask and some Sephora sheet masks. My son chose the Sephora tea tree mask, My husband chose the Glamglow mud mask and my sister and I chose the Glamglow bubble mask.


My son was so kind he shared his sheet mask. LOL!

After the mask we toned with an apple cider water mix. Then massaged in some Nip+Fab plumping treatment and some Este Lauder daily moisturizer. Our feet and faces felt so fresh! We took a break for some tacos and sweet tea.

oh sweet TACOS!!!

Bellies full we finished with our manicures. Using the peppermint scrub we scrubbed all the dead skin off and applied Sally Hanson cuticle oil to our nails and cuticles. Trimmed the cuticle and moisturized our hands. Time for polish. We each chose our favorites and had fun trying to apply to our right hands evenly but we got it. With a spray of the quick dry we were done!


Time for cake. The main thing I wanted for mothers day was this tuxedo chocolate mousse cake from Costco! We had to go to both Costco’s in town but we found it! It is quite possibly the best cake ever.


I couldn’t ask for a better mothers day. So many laughs and good food. So happy my boys love being pampered too. So this started getting me out of my funky depression. I noticed my skin from head to toe was starting to look how I felt. Time for a change.


The Queen of Hearts


Queen of Hearts- Inspiration

The final day of April, Final Beauty look of the month! I’m pretty sure at least part of this look was influenced by the cold medicine I took earlier and all the white paint I used painting my dresser. Truly though it is a fun look. Next to Alice , the Queen of Hearts is a major character in Alice in Wonderland and due a look re-creation! Here is an “everyday look” for the Queen of Hearts.

Starting with a light base I used L’Oréal’s Infallible foundation and Sephora gel concealer. For a bit more lightness I highlighted with Wet n Wild cream Highlighter. Setting it all with Make up Forever HD powder. Its not the very white face of the queen but this is more an ‘Everyday” look.

The shadows used were all from the Walmart generic palette. Three shades of blue. Starting with the lightest shade Chic, I brushed it on from lid to just above the crease. Next I applied the shade Amour from crease to just above the brow bone. The third shade is Sunny. The queen loves her blue shadow so this was applied just above the crease all the way to the brow and blended in the outer corner of the eye.

To separate the blue I went the liquid liner Illamasqua from the inner corner to the outer corner with a slight wing into the blue shadow. For the lower line I used L’Oréal extra intense gel liner along the water line. Then taking a bit of Amour and Sunny on a tapered brush I applied the shadows below the liner on the lash line. To give the brows the high definition I shaped and filled them in with Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow extending the line so far down almost level with the outer corner of my eyes. Finishing off with some Maybelline Pumped up mascara.

Using the Benefit hoola-lite I lightly contoured my cheekbones. The queen doesn’t have high def contouring so this worked perfectly. Then along the cheekbone very lightly I applied Benefits dandelion just to give the flushed look.

Because she is the Queen of hearts the lips reflect that. Using Rimmels red dynamite lip pencil I drew a heart from my cupids bow to just below the lips and filled it in. Adding more dimension I applied MAC crème sheen in brave red to fill in the heart. And that is all! Now bow to the queen! LOL!  With that April Beauty month is over. But behold it is now May and there are many more surprise’s in store! Remember to be creative and have fun! I love you!

May I Present Alice

Alice Kingsleigh-Inspiration

Yesterday I explained the GYPSY part of this blogs name and gave my interpretation of gypsy style. Today is all abought Alice. As I’m sure you can see from the picture above GYPSY Alice’s Alice is inspired by Alice Kingsleigh from Alice in Wonderland. I believe in life to keep balance otherwise you spiral. The light, calming shades of Alice’s world are in direct contrast to the vibrant wonderland. That’s what I love. I have rooms in my home that are calming, my bedroom for instance, because I like it to be a relaxing place to escape too. My living room however is meant to have bold colors. Its a lively place where everyone assembles. I don’t want people afraid to stain a fabric or rug. Todays Alice look is a very calming, natural look with very little product. Especially compared to yesterdays Gypsy look. Was it 6 or 7 shadows? I lost count. LOL!

One difference in todays look from all the other looks I did this month, I needed to me a little paler. so to achieve this I used the Nars foundation but instead of shape tape I used the light Sephora gel concealer liberally under my eyes and along my cheekbones as well as the brow bone. For my eye lids I generously applied Urban Decays primer potion. Then using Makeup Forever’s HD micro finishing powder I dusted it all over my face blending it in so it looked natural.  There was no liquid highlighter used in this look! Shocking I know!

The three shadows I use are all from the Lorac propalette. The transition shade is cream, applied from lash line to brow line. The second shade is light bronze. Yes it is a shimmer however it is only applied lightly on the lower lid from corner to corner. The last shadow is taupe. Since Lorac’s colors are highly pigmented this requires only a light dusting along the crease.

To line the eyes I used a combo of the light bronze and taupe and just very lightly brushed it along my lash line. Alice’s face is not highly contoured so I used Benefits hoola lite buffed into the hollows of my cheeks. For blush, Alice’s face has that light healthy peachy tone. Using Benefits rockateur I did a light dusting along my cheekbone and followed with a dusting a trail from one cheekbone over the top bridge of my nose and over the other cheekbone. For my brows I didn’t want drama so I shaped and filled them in with Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz pencil.

The last step is the lips.  Alice keeps a natural, peachy, non-lipstick look. For this I used a combo of Victoria Secret glossy lip tint crayon lining my lips as well as using it to fill them in. In the center I dabbed a bit of the LAQA creamy highlighter in peachers daughter.

And with that we have a brunette Alice. And with that I also give you the explanation to my blog name. GYPSY Alice is both sides of me, The vibrant colorful and the natural calm. It is my even balance. I hope you enjoyed this weeks looks. There’s one more day in Beauty Month of April on Gypsy Alice and its gonna be a big one! Until then enjoy your weekend, have fun and be creative!


GYPSY Loving!


I have been asked many times how I came to name my blog GYPSYAlice and not after my actual name. OK, so… as much as I love my name, I felt it was too boring. I gave it a lot of thought and decided to combine two topics that have always defined my style. The first part is GYPSY. I love the gypsy style whether your talking gypsy/boho or gypsy/fortune teller. The color, richness and depth of the gypsy style feeds my creativity. So I bring to you today my interpretation of gypsy richness.

After moisturizing liberally I applied the MAC strobe cream because I want some shimmer but I don’t want to over do it for this look. This is why I didn’t mix in any liquid highlighter with my foundation today. I applied a lighter amount of Nars foundation but it still gave a perfect full coverage. Since I wasn’t going for an overly shimmer look I used the Tarte shape tape for my under eyes. Then applied the Urban Decay primer potion on my lids and brow bone. This gave me an even canvas to start coloring.

All my eyeshadows today came from the Lorac propalette except the glitter. YES I SAID GLITTER!!!!!! The transition shade I used is the shade cream. Its a matte shade and I applied it from lash line to brow line. For the crease I buffed in the shade taupe, also a matte shade. I started to blend it up to the brow bone but not over it. The third shade I was excited to use. It starts the layering of not just shimmer but also rich shades. On my lid I applied the light bronze and blended it upwards to the crease. The fourth shade was gold. This shade also went over my lid and up to the crease but just below the light bronze. I also started buffing it out beyond my outer corner slightly with the gold.

Moving right along to shade number five, garnet. Another shimmery shade, was applied from my lash line up just below the gold and then buffed just beyond the outer corner. This is such a rich shimmery red and very pigmented so a little goes a long way. Another highly pigment color is shade number 6! I could not wait to try this color. Deep purple, a very deep shimmery purple! Applied on the lid and buffed just beyond the outer corner. Such a gorgeous color!!

I’m so proud of myself with the next step. I used liquid liner again and I got it almost completely straight!!! Starting on the inner corner of my eyes using the Illamasqua liquid liner, I went along the upper lash line to a slight wisp of a wing and back along my water line to the inner corner of my eyes. I was so confident I went full circle. With that conquered it was time for the brows. Using the Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow I carefully lined my brows, over drawing them a bit to give that bold look. I also extended the tail out just a slightly too. for a bit of  a smoky look I took my tapered brush and applied the garnet then the deep purple just below the liquid liner on the lash line.

Before finishing up my eyes I wanted to lighten up under my eyes a bit more and clean it up a bit. For that I used the Sephora gel concealer. Using a darker gel concealer from Sephora I contoured the hollows of my cheeks. Blending them in I then used my fingers and blended in the Makeup Revolution strobe highlighter just along the top of my cheek bone, down the bridge of my nose. Along the brow line I applied a little NOMAD highlighter. My sister gave me her MANNA Kadar shadow stick in s’more that she received in her ipsy package. Its a metallic dark gold/bronzy shade. To add a little more definition to my eyes I drew a line along the crease and buffed it in. Its a wonderful creamy shadow stick and it blended in very well.

Today I actually used the Tarte Amazonian clay blush as a blush not a contour shade! It is such a versatile color. Blending upwards I applied it along the cheekbone. OK I used it to contour a little. I blended a little along the side of my nose and on the jawline. Re-using the luxe Eylure lashes from yesterday I used the DUO glue. Yesterday I used the glue it came with and as much as I love Eylure lashes, I don’t love their glue. Then it was time for glitter!! Well what I thought was a glitter shadow. I bought the Wet n Wild nudecomer, It looked like a dry glitter shade before I used it. As soon as I dipped my brush in it turned out to be a creamy shadow. Still it was extra shimmery so I continued. Only dabbing it on the center of my lids by the lash line into the inner corner of my eyes. I did have to touch up the eyeliner a little but over all the creamy shadow was easy to manipulate.

Now I ask you, what kind of lip shade would you use for this look?  A dark rich shade that’s what. Using the NYX matte lipstick in dark era I applied it to my lips keeping it very neat. Then , well, I’m telling you glitter is addictive! Hi, My name is Melinda and I have a glitter addiction. I went back to the NYX gold face and body glitter. I dabbed on a bit just to the center of my upper and lower lip to give the deep, rich, luxurious red a pop! Then , well, I went a bit further and added some along my cheekbone and up towards my temples and slightly up on my forehead. I’m telling you I cant stop! But I think its tasteful and suits the look.

Honestly I think this look could be an everyday sort of look with out the glitter but why go without! LOL! I hope you enjoyed this look as much as I loved creating it. This is why the first part of the blog name is GYPSY. The colors and glitter are so luxurious. Tomorrow is Friday and I will share with you the meaning behind the second part to my blogs name. As always be creative and have fun!!!





Glitter + Gold = so much fun!! Glitter make up isn’t just for special occasions or clubbing anymore. It comes in so many colors and textures. When I saw the little bottle of NYX face and body glitter at ULTA I knew I had to bring it home! It was my inspiration for todays look. I am the kind of person that sees glitter, my eyes get wide and I try to find any reason to use it. so I set out to scour every store I went to get any bit of gold cosmetics I could find!

For this look I wanted to shimmer before I even started the eyes. So after moisturizing I applied a generous amount of MAC strobe cream. As that absorbed I mixed together the Nars foundation and Cover FX liquid highlighter. It was a 50/50 mixture. When I say I want to shimmer…I WANT TO SHIMMER! It went on so silky and smooth! The coverage was still very full. With this shimmer effect I didn’t add any concealer under my eyes and I have to say I didn’t miss it. I did however apply some Urban Decay eye primer potion. Just look at that shimmer!

To build up some depth on my eyes I applied Lorac propalette shade taupe from the crease to just above the crease making sure to leave the brow bone bare. For further depth I applied a line of dls shadow in bronzed and buffed it into the taupe. The taupe is a matte shade and the bronzed has a bit of shimmer shimmer! For the base gold I used the Catrice million styles lip top coat crayon all over my lid. It is a sheer light gold cream. Lip crayons aren’t just for lips anymore!

Giving this look the drama it deserves I chose to go back to the Illamasqua liquid liner. AAAAAGGGHHHHHHHH! Ok but I have to say this time I think I did pretty good. I applied it from the inner corner to the outer corner and all around including my water line. There’s even a little bit of a wing. Aren’t you proud! I know I am. I wanted a little more depth for under my eye so I applied a thick line of Urban Decays 24/7 glide on liner just along the lash line overlapping the liquid liner I applied on my waterline. For a little more effect I dipped into the Lorac pro palette shade black and softly buffed it in along the lash line.

NOW THE FUN BEGINS!!! I already have some shimmer on my eyes from the gold crayon and the bronzed shadow. But that’s just not enough. Go big or go home, that’s my motto. Taking the applicator from yesterdays Maybelline shadow I sprayed a little NYX setting spray and dipped it into the NYX face and body glitter that is my inspiration. I have never put glitter on my eyes before but I have watched many videos. With the applicator full of gold I dabbed it on my lids and into the inner corner of my eyes. I made sure not to go over the Taupe and bronze shadow. I wanted shimmer but I wanted it to have some depth. NYX glitter rocks! It went on with very good coverage and I wasn’t shy about it! Afterwards I had to touch up the liquid liner a bit but I am happy I put that on before the glitter.

Even though I wanted a very shimmery look I still needed a little contour just to give me a little bit of a cheek bone. Since I wasn’t going for dark and dramatic I used Tarte’s Amazonian clay blush in feisty. First I added it just to the hollows of my cheeks and then blended upwards to my temples keeping along the hairline along my forehead and just a tad along my jawline and sides of my nose to give definition. To highlight I began with Makeup Revolutions liquid highlighter in stardust just to the top of my cheekbones and a bit along my temples. I have to say I was a bit liberal. Next , using my fingers I rubbed in some Makeup Revolution strobe highlighter in gold addict , cause well you know, this look is all about gold! The reason for keeping shadow of my brow bone was because I wanted it to glow. Using the gold addict I applied a heavy coat along the brow bone. I also added a touch of gold addict along the bridge of my nose and cupids bow to bring the shimmer inwards. With the highlighting complete I quickly did my brows using my trusty Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow. My brows had to match the intensity of my eyes so I did over draw them a bit and filled them in completely.

With the addition of Eylure Luxe lashes and a bit of Maybelline pumped up mascara my eyes were finally complete.The intense areas for this look is the eyes and the lips. For me this makes the rest of my face glow and stand out just as much. For my lips I didn’t use a liner. Instead I only applied NYX mat lipstick in dark era. But I didn’t stop there. I went back to the Catrice golden lips. I only applied this to the center of my lips. With the look complete I kept looking at the glitter. There was a little extra on the applicator so I spread a this layer on the top of my cheeks to further add to the two Makeup Revolution highlighters. With that I had to step away from the glitter.

OH HOW I LOVE GLITTER!! Have I told you that? A bit of glitter will get you past the mid-week blues. I have used gel glitter before and with that accuracy in where the glitter lands can be difficult. Using this powder glitter with a little setting spray was so easy. I’m going to have to get more colors! Enjoy glitter, embrace glitter! I always tell you to be creative and have fun. I really mean it! Ill see you tomorrow for the first of two days that describe GypsyAlice!!!

                     GLITTER IS LIFE!!!!